music appreciation 101


The other day while Mary Alice and I were listening to 40’s music, the Doris Day song, ‘Que Sera, Sera’ began to play and together we both began to sing the lyrics and laugh at what poor imitations we made. But both the song and lyrics reminded me of my mother. I have a faint memory of mom singing the song while cleaning the house. Another morning, while eating breakfast, we listened to our favorite Pandora music station and Judy Garland came on singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Mary Alice seemed to perk up and began singing right along. I smiled and said, “You know, this is one of my dad’s favorite songs…” and she replied, “I didn’t know that”. “Yes…” I replied happily, reminded once again how music is a keyholder to our souls.


Last night I stood in the boy’s bedroom door threshold talking to him about my favorite Led Zeppelin album, “Physical Graffiti” and my favorite song, “Houses of the Holy”. “But bay, look on YouTube for ‘Bron-Yr-Aur’ and then ‘Down by the Seaside’,” I asked. He acknowledged me with a nod and I exited his room. A few minutes later I returned and asked, “Did you find it?” I said. “Yeah…” He replied with an odd look on his face. “What, didn’t you like the instrumental?” I asked. “No, it’s nice, just not what I expected from Led Zeppelin” He replied, “That’s exactly why I love that song…how about the other one?” I asked. “I’m just starting to listen…” He said. In the meantime I began to sing the song really loud, “Down by the seaside, See the boats go sailin’, Can the people hear, what the little fish are sayin'”

“MOM did you have to choose that exact moment to sing really loud?” the doll asked as she hung up the phone. “What?” I said. “Great now Felicia’s parents are going to think you’re insane!!” She announced, explaining she was leaving her a voicemail message. “Doll, seriously? They’re already quite aware and I don’t think it bothers them too much” I said in return.


While walking home from mass the other day with the doll and her friend I asked Felicia, “So do you like the same musical groups as the doll?” She smiled and said, “I’m not sure”. “Well she likes Screaming like Sirens…have you ever heard of them?” Just then, the doll jumped in, “What? No, no, Mom! Do you even hear what you’re saying?” Looking back at her I smiled. I’ve purposely refitted the group with a different name, one which fits my ears’ expectation from them. “The band’s name is Sleeping With Sirens… Jeez Mom, if you’re going to talk about them, at least get their name right!” She scolded. Looking back at the two girls I laughed and said, “ doll…as far as I’m concerned, my name fits better than theirs…” and then turned toward home.  But not before I heard the doll say, “Just ignore my mom, she’s such a weirdo!” “I couldn’t agree more,” I said under my breath as I continued walking home.


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