As written in previous posts, my daughter is not the most proficient speller or annunciator of words. Regardless how many books she reads, she still has trouble sounding out some words. When she was first learning to read and write, she rolled her “r’s” when she spoke and spelled by sounding out her words. Hence, many of her early spelling tests came back with what looked like words written in Russian.

Some things never change…

The other night she mentioned to me how embarrassed she felt upon learning where the word “fandom” came from. Truth be told, my attention was divided at the time and only partially heard what she was saying. “I thought the word “Fandom” was a combination of the words ‘Fan and Kingdom’,” she said. “They aren’t?” I asked studying the smile she was wearing. “No, it’s a  shortened version “Fan and “domainiac” She explained. “Oh”, I said enjoying her embarrassment. Even my friends online didn’t know that either. We were all living under the same delusion”.  “Well, at least there were numbers in your delusion” I replied, before moving away from the conversation.

Yesterday, when I began writing my blog for the day, I decided to look up the origin of the word “Fandom” and found something surprising. According to Wikipedia, a Fandom (a portmanteau consisting of a fan [fanatic] plus the suffix -dom, as in kingdom). 

Not having the correct set of words the doll said handy, I set this blog aside and wrote another one. Last night however I asked her again, “Doll, what were those words you said made up the word Fandom?” She repeated “Fan and Domainiac or something similar,” she said. “Doll, could you have mistaken the word for Fandemonium?.” I asked. “No” she immediately responded. “Well, see, I looked up your words and domaniac doesn’t exist,” I reported. She shrugged her shoulders and then added  “I don’t know! I read the definition on Tumblr..” she explained.

“Tumblr?” I said with incredulity.  “Well, that explains everything!!” I replied and we both laughed. “Were you by any chance looking at the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Tumblr too?” I asked. Giving me a sheepish grin in return,  she replied, “Mayyybe. Why?” “Because they wrote a book about themselves called….?”

“Whatever mom. Don’t you know whatever you read on Tumlr is true?” She said and then laughed.  “Uh huh…just like none of your words need vowels” I replied. “MOM! Be nice”. She replied essentially ending our conversation.




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