the new game in town….


The doll and I have discovered a new game to incorporate into nightly rituals. However, we can play at almost any time during the day or night. The only prerequisite being, I must be seated in order to play. Currently she’s winning 10-1, but that’s okay. Mom’s let their kids win every once in a while.

Here’s how the game is played….

Mom and doll are seated in the living room, in front of  the television. Doll says, “Mom, wake up mom!” To which I reply, “I am awake”. Then the doll repeats,  “Mom, wake up mom!” before adding, “You’re snoring”. My reply is similar again, “I am awake” even though I’m struggling to prove this. “Mom why don’t you just go to bed?” The doll asks and I once again retort, “I’m not asleep”.

Nine times out of ten, the doll scores because once I stop moving, it’s very easy for me to fall asleep–anywhere; movie theaters, grandparents, friends homes. Anywhere.

But there are occasions when I get the chance to score some points…

Last night the game variation changed slightly as I was the one calling out the sleepy head. “Doll…time for bed,” I said. “She in turn would lift her head from the couch pillow and look at the wall clock. Deciding it was too early to go to bed, she replied, “Mom, I’m not sleeping”. Not being a fool I replied, “Uh huh. Funny thing… you’re giving one heck of a good impression of a sleeping doll”. “Mom, seriously…” she replied before putting her head back down on the pillow and falling back to sleep. After a few minutes passed I began the game again, “Doll, let’s go!” “Mom, my eyes were closed for less than thirty seconds that time.” She argued. “Yes, and that’s the first time thirty seconds looks like fifteen minutes on the clock”.  I replied. Thirty minutes later, when she finally pulled herself out of sleep enough to get dressed for bed she tried, “You know, I could hear everything that was going on out here. It was like my dreams were the commercials” and then laughed at the thought. “Now you know why I am constantly telling you I’m still awake…” I replied. Giving me an “Oh no!” look she snarked back, “Great another bad thing we have in common”.

And I  love you too doll…” I said as we both laughed.



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