I’ll take it…


This week has been weird. We’ve been running around like chickens without any heads, trying to get everything ready for Easter and the Spring break week that follows. Last night when I finally had a moment to relax, I decided to take my own advice from my day’s blog and set aside the TV and iPhone so I could freely engage with my doll in conversation.  “Mom, I’m never having kids…” She blatantly remarked. “What? As beautiful as you have become? Why wouldn’t you want to share your genes with the world?” I replied perplexed. “It’s true. I’m not going to have any kids. I’m afraid I’ll be a horrible parent or something”.  I smiled looking back at her and then asked, “Am I a bad mom?” “Of course not” she replied without thinking; which made me smile and think I’ll take it!! Before saying aloud, “Well then, if I can do this…so can you”.

Searching her thoughts, trying not to look flustered, she tried to explain further, but couldn’t quite grasp what she was trying to say. So being her mother,  I stepped in to put an end to her nonsensical notion of motherhood. “Doll, you seem to be good with other kids–right?” She nodded her head in general agreement. “You have some modicum of patience right?” I asked as well. “Mom, I live with the boy…” Came her dry reply, which made me laugh. “Though not so much lately…” I added and she agreed, saying, “No not at all now. But he gets on my nerves.””Yes, he does. But that’s more of being a teenager than anything else.

Do you remember when we took the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper down from his room a few years ago?” I asked and she nodded in reply. “You were a great friend to him; you took care of him…” She nodded her head in agreement. “Doll you have empathy and that’s what will make you a great mom someday. You know he remembers that too and loves you because you always take care of him when he’s hurting. That’s what it takes to be a mom and someday you’ll make a great mom”. I encouraged before quickly adding, “But not until you’ve finished school and are happily married sometime in your twenties…” She smiled at me and said, “Ew mom if even”.


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