Um yeah…


So the hubby is floating in the Caribbean Sea and I am reading a book; trying to convince my tummy ache to go away; I’m on vacation after all! Yet to be fair, I know where said ache came from… I am on vacation after all.  


Through the mass of Palm trees and beach chairs, there is a clearing with a large gazebo. Resort workers busied themselves preparing for an afternoon wedding, Easter Monday. “Who gets married on a Monday?” I say to hub. “Evidently many do” he says as we watch weddings break out all over the beach.   


But who can blame them, this place is gorgeous. Last night the resort invited all guests to a throwback beach party buffet. The cervasa was flowing along with the rum!! In fact I needed to order a glass of coke to go with my rum and coke! Even a bit of rain couldn’t dampen the fun and live music that permeated the night air. Everywhere you looked, people were laughing, snapping pictures and enjoying the ambiance of our island home. 

Best part of all, we get do more of the same today… Hola!!


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