You know it’s time to go when…


Saturday night when we arrived at the Majestic Colonial all inclusive resort, in the Domincan Republic, we marveled how we had five days to ourselves. No responsibilities, no cares, just sun, relaxation and fun beautiful beaches.

Yet, somehow time has slipped past too darn quick, because here we are lamenting that we finally have figured out our way around this place and now it’s time to leave. Boo, boo, boo!!! Though I have to admit there are some flashing signs telling us it’s time to go…

Invisible bugs that have an insatiable thirst for Irish cuisine…  Wearing 70 SPF sunscreen, but still getting burned…

Being unable to check flight information via hotel computers because everything is in Spanish…  


Oh and a few more unmentionables. 

Overall I would I recommend everyone take a little time out to come here and visit. Not stay mind you, but visit. Because what’s really telling us it’s time to come home is our children, family,  friends and real life. Though it may be cold and damp there, at the moment…warmer Spring temperatures are on the horizon, thank goodness! 

Hasty Mañana! 


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