together time…


Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine who had spent much of the past week in Florida with her children. “Welcome back!” I said to her and she said the same to me. “I saw you made it to Disney world…” I said, alluding to pictures I saw on her facebook page. “Yeah, a few of my friends lives have changed dramatically over the last few months that I decided to say the heck with the cost and take the kids. “We had a lot of fun but too much walking” Her daughter relayed to me. “Yes they were very good though we walked about seven miles each”. “Yeah we did Disney a few years ago..” I said in agreement. “I’d much rather have had your vacation” she said. Smiling back at her I said, “Yeah, we were beach bums. Didn’t go on any excursions, just laid around at the beach and drank rum for a few days”. I said with a smile. Smiling back at me she said “Yep, that’s my kind of vacation…”

DSC01629Last week, my hubby and I enjoyed five whole days of together time (sans kids) in the Dominican Republic, which seemed to reinvigorate our marriage. That’s why taking anniversary trips are a must. Yesterday morning he asked me if I’d like to go back to the island in October, when the rates are half the price of what they were last week. Smiling back at him I mulled over the options and replied with my standard stock answer, “We’ll see”.  But the truth of the matter is we need a new garage, new driveway and new carpeting in the living room, etc. So many things we “need” and vacations aren’t necessarily high on that “need” list.

“Want” list, oh yes!









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