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After reading my blog aloud to my husband yesterday, he laughed and together we made the same grossed out noises we made when we happened upon the condom the first time, with one exception. “I never touched the wrapper,” he said firmly. “Yes you did, you held it up for me to see” I replied. Not hardly, I think I kicked it with my shoe.” He explained. “That doesn’t make sense, in correlation to where we were standing. You held the wrapper up for me to see…” I replied. “Marsh, your memory is faulty. I kicked the wrapper with my shoe”. He tried again. Nevermind we weren’t wearing any shoes or sandals at the time, I simply replied “Whatever dude”. But as a matter of record, let me emphatically state, he picked up the wrapper to show me.


IMG_0149If you recall, in last week’s blog, “10 years”, I lamented how much I was enjoying the quick little holiday my hubby and I were taking without the kids yet was sad that I missed out on seeing my doll in her Easter dress. With many thanks to my brother Dan, I can share with you how beautiful she and her cousins Mary and Elle looked Easter Sunday.

Something tells me, Dan and I are both in big trouble…

On a side note, I texted the doll to tell her someone told me how beautiful she looked that day. Uneasy with compliments she replied, “What’d they say?” “How you looked in that dress!! They said, and I quote: “That dress was perfect for you and you walked confidently, which made you look even more beautiful.” I replied. A few minutes passed before she replied, “I felt weird because I was in heels and I was like taller than Uncle Dan in them”. To which my response was simply, “Well he’s short. Go with it!”

When I arrived home and found the picture, she reiterated how uncomfortable she was and I explained, “There will always be shorter men than you. Don’t let that stop you from wanting to be beautiful and taller than God intended.” She nodded her head in acceptance before adding, “Okay”.



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