I got to watch…


As is the doll’s prerogative, whenever she tries on new clothing, I’m usually relegated to wait outside the dressing room door and beg for a glimpse of her in the new clothes. Sometimes I get lucky and she forgets to lock the door, allowing me to sneak a peak before she slams and then bolts the door shut. But most of the time, I’m left wondering what the clothes look like on her frame.IMG_0165

Saturday I (excitedly) got to watch her try on several new shirts and sweaters my niece Cori picked out for her from a large “sample” sale through her business with Express clothier. A few weeks back when the doll was trying on dresses for Easter and a wedding in May, I emailed her Godfather, my brother Bill with her sizes and Cori went to work finding many different styles of shirts, pants, shorts and sweaters for the doll to try. Saturday afternoon, we stopped over at my brother’s house for her to try them on.

IMG_0164Before we left our house I said, “Doll, whatever you do, listen to what Aunt Mary Beth says. She has a much more discerning eye for fashion than you or I do. So listen to what she has to say…” When we first arrived, my sister in law Mary Beth, handed her a bag of shorts and said, “Go try these on in the bathroom…” and then began sorting through five large bags of clothing, looking for her sizes. When the doll took too long trying on shorts and pants, her aunt ordered her into the kitchen to try on the tops, so she could see and offer help if need be. I sat at the kitchen table trying very hard to be good–and keeping my mouth shut.

One top after another the doll tried on and I noticed a familiar trend. If the shirts were in a darker hue, the doll liked them. If they were bright and colorful, she wanted nothing to do with them. Several shirts were so cute, but not in her “style” of clothes. “This is very trendy…but maybe not around here…” her aunt said as the doll decided not to go with one cute top. But when all was said and done, the doll and I came home with two very large bags of new clothes. “Mom, this may be the first time in my life, my closets won’t be filled with hand me downs or hand-me-overs”. She smiled at me. “True…and these clothes are truly new clothes…”

IMG_0172In addition, while trying on the tops she couldn’t hide her excitement and broke from her moody teenage mold and smiled the entire time. Even when putting up with mom trying to snap the occasional picture of her beautiful teenage doll in a more colorful shirt than normal…



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