8 bags and then some…


Spring event season is upon us which means our weekends from here until mid-June are completely booked. This also means the house, which for the last three months has largely been ignored by all inhabitants, is in dire need of cleaning. For all areas to get cleaned,  I need all hands on deck to help partake in our annual Spring Cleaning. The only problem being, convincing the inhabitants to take part.

“Mom, my room is already organized” the boy argued. “An organized mess? Please!” I replied. “Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with the mess. I know where everything’s at.” He tried again. “Bay, you know you have a two dressers in there yet none of your clothes are inside them. Instead, they are all bundled on top. The least you could do is put your clothes away, you know–inside the drawers. Then pick up the dirty clothes off the floor and throw them down the clothes shoot. I’d like to actually see what the carpeted floor in there looks like.” “Mom, I did all this last Spring…” He tried once more. “That’s why it’s called Spring cleaning bud… Get busy, please”. I explained.

IMG_0173At first the doll was also reticent to begin cleaning. “Mom, it will take forever…” She lamented. But after coming home with an entirely new wardrobe, she was a girl on a mission. “Mom, I’m throwing away all my old clothes…” She announced, disappearing into her bedroom with an armful of kitchen bags to fill.  IMG_0175

“I honestly don’t know how all of this fit into my room…” She said every time she appeared with another bag full of trash. “Look a volcano!” She said as she walked through the living room. “When did you make that?” I asked. Shrugging her shoulders she said, “I don’t know, 5th or 6th grade?” Another time through to empty her trash, I found the home-made quiver she made for her Hunter of Artemis costume last fall. She sighed heavily at me and said, “Yep, you can tell I’m thirteen… I no longer need this crap anymore…”

All told, she said goodbye to the several school years worth of accumulated projects and dust by filling our family garbage can to the brim with eight bags of trash. In addition, she cleared out her stuffed animals (keeping only a handful) to donate to our parish festival. As for her old clothes…? She filled ten kitchen garbage bags, which we promptly gave to a neighbor in need.

The boy, on the other hand, cleared a path in his room.. .though his dresser drawers still remain empty.

Small progress.


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