sick of being sick…


The doll has had a difficult time staying healthy this Spring. In late March, she went to the doctor for fatigue and after taking several medical tests, they determined she was 13. Whoa, really? Who would have guessed? Thinking back on the equation, I remembered being put on Iron for fatigue when was her age. So like mother like daughter, she now takes iron pills to try and level out her imbalance. Two weeks ago she had a gastrointestinal 24-hour bug that wiped her out for two days, but she recovered. Then on Tuesday of this week, she came down with another issue, a high-grade fever. Believe me when I tell you, she (along with the rest of us) is not a happy camper.

In tears last night she asked, “Why is this happening to me? Why am I getting sick all the time?” How do I answer what I do not know? “Doll, Spring is in full bloom…this could be allergies or any number of different things” I tried to console. “Do you think I’ll be able to make it to the dance Friday?” She asked. “I know it sounds stupid! But my friends and I have been planning this for a while…” She explained while wiping away her tears. “Doll, we’ll have to play this by ear…” I explained.

Yesterday her fever finally broke for good. Unfortunately, what’s left is a fatigued girl who still looks “messed” around. This morning I put an offer on the table. “You’re fever free. Do you want to go to school? Get up, move around, see how you feel.” Then left to take the boy to school. I arrived home in plenty of time to spare but found the doll wrapped in a blanket on the couch, still wearing her pajamas.”Mom, I have an idea…? She began, “Maybe I could go back after lunch…?” She offered. “Doll…” I said shaking my head. “Mom, do you think they’ll let me go to the dance since I’m fever free?” She asked in a hopeful voice”. “I can ask….but don’t get your hopes up…” I replied.

I emailed the teacher in charge and asked what to do and she replied, “I’d leave her at home”. Drat! “Doll, your teacher said no,” I said into the phone receiver. “Okay,” She replied quietly. “I’m sorry baby. Better that you feel 100% than spread this to any of your classmates…” I said trying to reason with her sensibility side. “Whatever” she replied before hanging up the phone.


Home for lunch, you can tell she’s feeling better; her sense of humor has returned as has her bitchiness. “Doll I’m sorry about the dance…” I offered again. “It’s okay. It’s just a STUPID dance anyway”. She said. I smiled back at her and agreed. “Yes, one dance in a long line of dances ahead in your future…” I remarked. “Mom, do you mind…?” She asked, Having had enough about the subject altogether. “Oh, yeah, sure. Sorry” I replied, before changing subjects and making us lunch.

Contrary to what she’s projecting to the world, she’s very disappointed and I can’t say as I blame her.


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