Yep, it’s Monday, sigh…


As I mentioned in Friday’s blog, the doll attended school on Monday and then didn’t go back for the week. This morning before leaving she said, “On one hand I’m excited to go back and see my friends, but on the other, it is school…” I smiled and replied, and you’ll have four days of homework to make up”. “Wow, jeez mom, way to really make Monday worse than it already is…” She replied which I said in return, “Your welcome!”


I overheard my hubby and son this morning arguing. Actually that’s not true. I overheard my hubby complaining to himself about the boy this morning which pulled me from my slumber. The old story holds true, boys are gross. My boy decided twenty minutes to shower and dress prior to school was not enough time, so chose to dress. The hubby complained to him but did not force the issue. Enter MOM.

“Bay get up here and into the shower now!” I said through heavy-lidded eyes. “OH, now you’ve done it!” My hubby remarked loudly. “I don’t have time”. The boy replied. “GET YOUR ___ up here right now!” I shouted. “Mom, there isn’t enough time and I’m already dressed for the day.” He said trying not to get angry that his parents weren’t letting him off the hook. “Listen, mister, even if you’re going to be an hour late, you ARE taking a shower right this minute. Get in, rinse, wash the nasty bits, hair and face, rinse off, get out and go to school” I said pointedly.

Unhappily he did what I asked though not without some grousing. In the meantime, I went back to bed for a few more minutes of shut-eye.  Five minutes later he emerged from the shower, complaining, but clean. He dressed, grabbed his stuff and left for school with his father. I in turn got up as well, making sure the doll was getting dressed for school. When my hubby returned fifteen minutes later I complained, “Why am I always the bad guy? Why do you make me the bitch to get him to do these things? Step up man!”

Looking back at me he replied, “I did. Why do you think I woke you up?”



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