no pain no gain….


The Yin and the Yang. Karma, insult to injury, cause, and effect: apt descriptions of my day yesterday…

I thought I was having a great day yesterday. While sore from the prior day’s workout regimen, I nonetheless pushed through and completed the workout designated for the day. All the while chanting to myself, “I AM STRONGER THAN MY EXCUSES!!” which coincidently sounded an awful lot like “I AM WOMAN! HEAR ME ROAR!!” in my head, but I digress.  Somewhere, however, throughout the day, my legs began to tighten making walking, bending down and even standing up from a seated position more and more difficult to do. By mid-day, I  began to notice, life was a cruel joke, as everything I touched fell to the ground, meaning, I’d have to bend down to pick the darn things up; inducing even more pain.

I wondered why my body had forsaken me.

But then I remembered the oft said exercise mission statement:

No pain no gain, right?

In addition, the day was still young. Something good could happen…

Mary Alice and I went shopping out to one of those mega superstores across town,  so I could get her some extra exercise walking up and down the aisles pushing the cart. I decided while there, I’d buy a 12pk of beer. At the checkout, the cashier paused and looked me over. “I already swiped my card…” I said believing that’s why she was looking so intently at me. “I know, but, I need to see your ID,” She said. “What? Seriously?” I replied with an incredulous look on my face. “If you don’t mind. I mean if I can’t tell, it’s always better to ask than get caught not…” She explained. “No, I don’t mind!” I said almost too happy, and then rooted around in my wallet looking for my license. When all was said and done, I placed the beer on the bottom of the cart and together, Mary Alice and I pushed the cart to the car.

My first order of business, when we reached the car was to have Mary Alice “help” me by taking my purse and sitting in the front seat. This way I could unload the cart quickly. Once she was safely in my car, still kind of high from being carded, I unloaded the cart, closed the hatch on the car, pushed the cart into the cart corral, climbed in my car and drove away. “Can you believe that Mary Alice?” I began, “They asked for my identification to buy beer. Makes this day that much better, wouldn’t you say?” “They did? You gotta me kidding me!” she replied and we both laughed.

On our way back to Mary Alice’s, I stopped the car at my house, to unload the groceries for the kids to put away. But when I opened the back hatch, there was one giant glaring omission. No beer. “Huh?” I thought to myself before taking a gander into the back seat. Again, nothing, nada, zip. “What the…?” I thought to myself before realizing. due to my very sore legs and my aversion to bending down yesterday afternoon, in addition to my giddy high mood at having been carded,  I must have accidently left the beer on the bottom rack of the cart.

“You gotta be kidding me….” I said to no one in particular. “Lot’s of pain with no trade off gain” I whimpered.

Well hopefully, while I’m out ten bucks, I hope whoever found the beer kept it, but the odds are they did not or they turned it back in–which is just really really sad.


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