something old… something borrowed…


A few weeks back, if you recall, the doll cleaned out her bedroom saying goodbye to her younger years and hello to the teenaged ones by packing up all her old stuffed animals to be donated to our school/church festival in June. In addition, the doll approached me and asked, “Mom, would you be mad if I gave away the American Girl doll you gave me?” Looking back at her I said, “Well considering how expensive that doll was…” I began, but then read the look on my daughter’s face and changed course. “I don’t care. Do you have someone in mind?” “How about little Kaylee?” She suggested. Kaylee is her two-year-old second cousin”. “If you want to. But let me ask her mom first…” I said and sent my niece a text. Later that weekend we drove over and presented little Kaylee with “Amber” with whom she promptly renamed Kaylee and ran and disappeared.

“I’m curious doll, why didn’t you want to keep the doll?” My niece asked. The doll sheepishly looked at the floor before answering, “Well in all honesty, she still creeps me out…” Which prompted my niece to look from her to me for clarification. I smiled and as I began to tell the story behind the story, the doll lifted her hands to cover her ears in embarrassment and walked off to “play” with Kaylee and her new doll.


In August of 2010, the first year I wrote the blog, I published a two-part blog called possession is 9/10 of the law part one, and possession, part two. which explained why the doll was creeped out by that doll. I’m going to post links to those two stories here if you’re interested in reading the back story. If not, suffice to say, kids wild imaginations are great fuel for the fodder, especially for a mom who writes blogs…


Needless to say, the doll hasn’t missed “Amber” and his happy she made her cousin happy. I’m happy someone is playing with the most expensive doll I’ve ever purchased and it’s not cluttering up my house. In addition I’ve been told through the grapevine, Kaylee is very happy with baby Kaylee too.

Oh happy day!


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