I make my own drama…


Over the weekend, I tried out a new gadget that came installed with my car, the GPS tracking system. I had been given instructions to follow but thought by programming the device with the right coordinates, I would have no problem finding my destination.

Fooled again by technology…

I was asked to say a reading at my husband’s cousin’s wedding in Cincinnati, OH, on Saturday. The night before, the doll and I slept at his Aunt’s house in Dayton, OH. “I figured out how to program my GPS and am all set to go” I told her. “Well, then I’m following you…” She said before we all departed. Everything was going well on our trip until the GPS informed me to get off the expressway (at the wrong exit I might add). A missed turn, a recalculation here, another missed turn and another recalculation there, the GPS directed me back to the expressway. But instead of sending me south, toward our destination, the darn thing directed me north, back toward Dayton, the opposite direction we needed to go. “Mom, why are we headed back to Dayton?” the doll asked. For a moment, I thought “But the GPS has the correct coordinates…this must be a “jog left” to another exit..?” before I completely abandon the system to find an exit ramp and turn around.

Reprogramming the GPS at the stop light, the darn thing finally recalculated to the correct coordinates and I literally “floored” it down the road. “Mom, relax cool down…” the doll said, after hearing me ramble on incessantly about this darn thing sending us the wrong way. “Doll, I’m mad, just let me vent!” I said, but she wouldn’t let me off the hook. “Mom, we have time, just relax,” She tells me. “Call your Aunt and see if she was smart enough not to follow me back onto the expressway” I ordered and after a few minutes Aunt P confirms she’s almost to the church. “Just worry about yourself…” she says before hanging up.

“Worry about myself…” I think as I “fly” through traffic, hoping against hope for no traffic jams which plagued our drive down the day before. The doll noticing my increased tension every time I glanced toward the cars’ clock, reminds me, “Mom, there is no drama here. Just relax. We’ll make it on time. We have time…” Out of the mouth of babes, I try to calm down.

We finally make it to the correct exit and the doll calls her dad, who “talks” us in. “”I can’t believe this freaking thing so completely screwed up!” I complained to my husband. “That’s why you take out a map before you leave and study it…”He says which only aggravates me more. “Regardless…we made it!” the doll announces, pulling me into the into the church to await the start of the wedding.

Afterward the doll asked, “Are you driving us to the hotel or is Dad?” “Why?” I asked. “Uh, well…” “You’d like your father to do the driving ?”  I say and she confirms. “Um, yeah, well, uh, mom, no offense, but when you get lost, you’re um, not fun to travel with…” “None taken doll. Frankly, I’m ready for a nap”. I reply as we make our way to the car and turned off the GPS.





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