Always something…


Monday the boy took a “mental health” day to give him another day to recover from his cold/allergy attack. He called me at work around 1 pm to tell me he had just woken up. “How do you feel?” I asked. “Better. Thanks, mom I needed this extra day” he said. “Well just work toward feeling better. No tv or devices” I added, knowing full well I had disabled the TV and hidden his devices before I left for work. “Recover and study for some of the classes you’re missing..” I offered. “I need my iPad to do that.” He said into the receiver. Smiling to myself I said, “Well then just rest…” and hung up the phone

When arrived home from work, there to greet me was my giant, albeit very greasy looking son, looking for a hug from me. “You look like you’re feeling better…” I said. “I am and then he squeezed our hug tighter for a moment, before releasing me. “Bay you need to take a shower…” I said taking a step back from him. “Well if I take one now, I’m not taking one in the morning…” he replied, I gagged and decided no to argue with him. Instead, we compromised and he washed his face, neck and armpits.

By the way, I checked your grades today….” I began, “And the only thing not posted is a math test you took last week.” “That’s because everyone did horribly bad on that test, so we have to take it over” He responded. I acknowledged the information and then moved onto the doll’s grades. With the exception of Math and Music, she’s doing very well. “Mom, I’m missing some assignments from when I was sick because I was never given them.” She argued. “Well don’t you think you should approach your teacher and get them?” I suggested and received some eye rolls from her as payment.


This morning, feeling back to almost normal, the boy got up for school and took his (much-needed) shower while  I did my morning workout. For the last few weeks, I have been waking the boy up earlier to get him to school at least twenty minutes early so he can meet with his math teacher and get a jump start on his math class. But because I decided to work out, we left ten minutes later than usual. On the drive to school the boy said, “I told you I wanted to get to school early today because I have a test.” “What?” I replied. “I told you I have a math test today…” He replied. “No, you didn’t,” I said feeling my ire beginning to rise. “Yes, I did. I remember perfectly well telling you” “When exactly did you tell me?” I asked wanting more clarity. “I don’t know, I don’t remember that stuff, but I remember perfectly clear that I told you.” He argued. We drove in silence for a few minutes, to allow my ire to receed.

“Bay, this doesn’t make sense…I’ve been pushing you really hard all Spring on your Math. Stands to reason, I would remember you telling me you needed to be to school early today, so you could take a test. I mean you were sick yesterday, so what is this all about?” I said. “Mom, remember when we were looking at my grades and I told you everyone did fundamentally bad on the test, so we had to retake the test…?” He asked. Thinking back to the moment I replied, “Yes, I remember that. But you never added you needed to get to school earlier than usual as the result. If you had, I would have skipped working out first…” I replied. Then very quietly he added, “I wanted to get to school early to study…”

New ball of wax.

“Did you study yesterday?” “A little” he acknowledged. “Why didn’t you study last night?” I asked. “Because I was bored from yesterday and wanted a little excitement in my life…” “Well, if you like your excitement to be taken in math workshops this summer…” I offered much to his displeasure.

Somehow miraculously our traffic to school flowed wonderfully, allowing me to only catch one light. We arrived at school with twenty minutes for the boy to cram for his math test. I know this wasn’t enough time but, at least it was something.

Crossing fingers and toes….



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