the to do lists….


The boy:

-Come home from school, check the bird feeder and fill if necessary (boy those birds eat a lot!)

-Lay on my bed and see what videos or podcasts were posted to Youtube while I was at school.

-Watch said videos or look for other time wasting material to view

-Change clothes because mom yelled at me again to change my clothes

-Dabble with homework because Mom has yelled at me to do my homework…but I’ll secretly finish in the morning because it makes more sense too; you know, the information will be right at the top of my head when the class begins then. Why doesn’t mom get this?

-Begrudgingly do any chores mom’s yelled at me to do

Begrudgingly hand over my devices. C’mon mom, when do I get to do what I want to do?

-eat dinner and make several Pb&J sandwiches to tie me over until bedtime.


The doll

-Let myself into the house and enjoy a half an hour of peace until the boy get’s home

-Greet Dixie and let her out, giving her a treat because she’s such a good girl…

-Check my ipod messages, click on Pic Collage see what’s happening there.

-Get a snack, read a little online

-If the laptop is home, do my homework, otherwise, hunker down in loveseat, turn on Supernatural on Netflix and chill

-Fall asleep if possible because I don’t sleep at night

-Yell at the boy for walking into the room and saying hello to me. He’s so annoying.

-Say hello to mom, if I’m awake. Enjoy listening to her yell at the annoyance in the other room

-Fill mom in on my horribly obnoxious day…Why doesn’t she understand 13 is hell?

-Practice dance moves for wedding

-Watch a little TV

-Don’t go to bed when told, instead, clean the room “Honestly mom, I don’t know where all this mess is coming from” hehe, she won’t mind me staying up late to continue “cleaning”

-Sleep (eventually)

Mean Mommy

-Come home from work, thinking of something to feed the children

-Say hello to the doll whose feigning sleep on the sofa, enter the boys room to find him wasting his life online and telling him to change out of his school clothes and to throw them down the clothes shoot to be cleaned.

-Come back into the kitchen and begin pulling stuff out of the refrigerator hoping to come up with an idea for something to eat.

-Check online messages and blog numbers (obsessive much?)

-Run to the store for anything necessary to make from meal plan designed two minutes prior

-Tell the boy he has ten minutes left on his devices before he needs to help around the house. Get to hear his complaint, “When will it be my turn to do what I want? Why can’t I have the evenings to do just that?” Reply, “When you are living on your own and paying your own way…”

-Assign tasks to both kids that involve helping clean around our cluttered house, in order to earn TV time.

-Make dinner and serve, calling both kids several times b/c their headphones are in their ears. “Mom what you fail to realize these are not noise reducing headphones so your voice fills in as background noise nothing more…” The boy tells me. “If you want to continue using headphones get your rear in here now…”

-Make the kids load the dishwasher

-Take dog for her nightly constitution and then drop her off and continue on until you reach 10,000 steps for the day. Whew, I’m whooped.

-Cleaning anything away from the kitchen, most noteably the refrigerator

-Watch a little netflix if I can keep my eyes open.

-Tell the kids to go to bed–the doll several times even though she decides to tell me everything that’s bugging her at school at this very moment.

-Turn off lights, check locks, go to bed, early workout in the morning.




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