the double switch…


This weekend my family is celebrating the wedding of my nephew Adam to his love Ananya and as such, they have asked my doll, along with cousins Mary and Elle, to participate in a dance Saturday night during the reception. So for the last two weekends, the doll has been staying with her cousins house “practicing”. I say, “practicing” because judging by the texts and videos sent to me, makes me wonder what other “trouble” they were getting into. But I digress. With the doll out of the picture this past weekend, the boy and I made the best of things, until, according to him, I went insane.  Here’s my side of the story….

As you know on Saturday the boy and I spent much of the day together walking in the rain, looking at birds and then sharing a nice lunch at a local bar and grill. “This pizza is very good!” He remarked and I agreed even though I was busy eating a lonely only single shish kabob to stay on track with my eating plan. Afterward, we drove out to a local garden store and purchased a new bird feeder pole, which enables us to feed different types of birds; as well as additional feed for the bird varieties.

By the time we arrived home, my husband, who spent the last week in Florida with his mother, had arrived home. Together they put the pole together and propped it in the yard. When all was said and done, the boy and I had experienced a pretty good day together and earned a wonderful night’s rest. The next morning we planned on attending the first showing of an action movie and made a point of getting there early. The movie was action from the beginning to the end and all three of us enjoyed. As we made our way back to the car the boy said, “You know I’m hungry….” as if to suggest we also treat him to lunch. “I have a few dollars left over from vacation…” My husband said as the decision to eat out was made.

“Where do you want to eat?” My husband offered. A few suggestions later and we were on our way.When we arrived at the restaurant, the boy was not pleased. He’d never been to this particular place and predetermined he would not like anything offered on the menu, regardless how good the food tasted. Why? Because nothing was fried. God forbid we took him to a “Healthier” restaurant than he desired.

Approaching the cashier, I ordered my food and then turned to the boy and said, “Tell her what you want”. “I can’t!” He replied. “What? Why not?” I foolishly asked. “Because none of this food is edible. The menu is all crap!” the boy said louder than he should have. Looking at the cashier he said, “I’m sorry, you don’t serve good food here.” Slightly embarrassed, I stepped him aside and said, “Oh well, your loss. This is where we’re eating…” and my husband moved forward to complete the sale. “How about a Peanut butter and chocolate smoothie?” my husband offered the boy agreed.

As his father and I gushed about how good our food tasted he groused about how the smoothie he was drinking really wasn’t that good. “There’s no additional sweetness added” He complained. “Bay, how about expanding your horizons once in a while and open your mind to other flavors”. I said. “Mom, just because you’ve gone insane trying to get “healthy” doesn’t mean you have to force this on the rest of us. I can’t believe you got Dad to go along with this…” Smiling at the boy I replied “Who do you think introduced me to this restaurant?” Smiling across the table his father raised his hand and said, “That’s right boy, I did”. “You are taking me to some drive-thru on the way home, right?” The boy asked. “No, this is the restaurant we took you to. You refused to eat, so we’re taking you home. You can make yourself a PB&J sandwich or two”.

“You know mom, this day started out with so much promise…” the boy lamented. “Just because you don’t get what you want, when you want something does not mean it’s a bad day bay, it only means you have to make adjustments”. I tried to explain to him. “No, you took a perfectly good weekend and smashed it to hell…” He said to me before disappearing into his room. Looking at his father I laughed and said, “Well, if he thinks us not taking him to a fast food restaurant constitutes hell, just wait until we make him cut the grass and begin studying for his finals…” I said. “Why make him wait?” His father asked. “Indeed, why wait…” I replied.

“This is the worst day ever!” the boy lamented every chance he could. His father and I smiled. “Actually, it’s been a pretty good day…open your horizon’s bay…” I said and he growled in reply.


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