Just heard….


I ate dinner at my father’s last night and as per usual, we finished the evening listening to music, via Youtube’s music channels. “You pick who you want, I don’t care…” My dad assigned. “Okay…” I said heading over to his computer. “Except country….” He mumbled. “What? Did you say except country?” I asked. “A little bit of that music goes a lonnng way.” He explained while I laughed. “Duly noted Dad…” I said trying not to laugh, considering he’s had “When you wish upon a star” stuck in his head for over a month and requesting that we listen to Linda Ronstadt’s version ad nausea.

how can I keep from lauhghing?

how can I keep from laughing?


“Jeez mom, why do you always seem to pick the scab off of that particular misery of mine?” The doll admonished when I reminded her of the school guinea pig’s demise on it’s one and only trip home (to our house) for a weekend. “Well, for one, it is funny–after the fact,” I said and giggled. “My bad experiences aren’t party favors for you mom!!” She announced which only succeeded in making me laugh harder.


We surivived birding 2015

We survived birding 2015

After birding last Saturday, on the drive home I asked the boy what birds he came across, wondering if they were different than mine. After naming a few different birds, he added, “Oh and I happened to notice one little boy who reminded me an awful lot like me…” He began before adding, “Oh who am I kidding? There were plenty of mini-me’s out there”. Which made me laugh and add, “Duh, I could have told you that”. Smirking he added, “Yes, but none are as good looking as me”. “I totally concur…” I said before he changed the subject.


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