Annual party fun…


The doll hosted her annual last day of school pool party last Friday, a short five days after we had opened the pool. In keeping with the precedent she set in years past, she charged each of her friends $5 to help defray the costs a party like this would incur. And just like in all the years past, her friends paid the fee. About 12:15 pm I watched the girls cross the street, which separated my dad’s property from the school’s; happily chatting about future summer plans. But first, there was a party to attend.


After setting down the rules of the pool…no diving, no trying to drown another kid, no swimming if I’m not in the vicinity, etc, the girls changed into their suits, applied sunscreen and prepared to jump into the pool. Two girls, in particular, Nikki and Allie prepared to jump in together until Nikki let go at the last minute. When Allie landed in the pool alone, Nikki asked, “Is the pool cold?” Allie looked back at her and with an even tone replied, “No, not bad…” Taking Allie’s word as gospel, Nikki jumped in, jumped up and yelled, “LIAR” while the rest of the girls looked on and laughed. “I warned you the pool was cold…” I reminded for good measure which I believe fell on deaf ears.IMG_0577

However cold the water may have been, the other girls could not be deterred and moments later, everyone was in the pool splashing one another, chattering like crazy and creating wave pools. At one point, the doll came out of the pool to ask if we had any water balloons. Looking at her face I noticed not only were her lips blue, but also the surrounding tissue, leading to her nose. “Is the water a little cold there doll?” I asked facetiously. “Yes, it’s IMG_0581freezing!” She replied, before jumping back into the pool.

A few minutes later, a couple of girls stood around the water faucet and filled water balloons. “Marsha, could you help tie a few of these?” One of the girls asked and I complied. My mind drifted back to when we first began hosting these after school parties and the girls would horde the balloons, treat them like babies and even stash them in their bathing suit tops. This was not the case today. Instead, all hell broke loose when one began breaking the very cold water filled balloons upon the dry and warm heads of her friends. Before long, everyone was trying to break balloons on other’s heads or throwing balloons at the other until finally they ran out.

Once the balloons were out of their system, I asked the girls if I could take a picture of them all jumping into the pool. I was prepared to take two pictures of them jumping in, but each time I snapped the picture, Natalia asked if she could see the shot. “Um, this one is horrible. Marsha, please can we try again?” “Okay…” I said laughing. “On your mark, get set, go” I yelled and began the continuous mode on the camera. “Um, these won’t do either…” Natalia explained. “Seriously?” I asked. “Okay girls one more…” Natalia yelled.IMG_0617 “On your mark, get set….STOP!” I yelled to be cute. The doll and Stephanie stopped as the other girls continued into the pool, “Please Marsha?” I was scolded as the girls climbed out of the pool. “Okay…on your mark, get set go!” and for the final time snapped away continuously. “Wait, Marsha, this picture is the worst. One more time please?” Natalia asked. “Nope, four times is charm I announced, before moving on to something else.

IMG_0628The party began about 12:30pm in earnest and was scheduled to end at 4:30 pm. As all the girls parents arrived, the doll implored, “Wait, mom, can’t we get a picture with all of us?” “Didn’t we do that with the pool jump?” I asked.

A good looking group of kids, don’t ya think?

(L-R) Angel, doll, Natalia, Emilia, Nikki, Allie, Twin and Felicia. Not pictured Stephanie who left a few minutes earlier.


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