where has the time gone…?


Last week following the pool party the doll threw for her friends, she looked at me and asked, “Mom, I’m in eighth grade now…how did that happen?” I looked back at her and said, “You’re asking me? I blinked and here we are…”

When the kids were little, we learned the boy’s bedroom door would not latch shut. We didn’t know this problem existed until we watched the doll, at 18 months push her way into his room, regardless if the door was closed or not. The other night, the doll upset with her brother walked over to his bedroom door and pushed the door open just like when she was small and forced her way into his bedroom. Seeing the juxtaposition, I turned toward my husband and sighed, “Really where has the time gone?”


“Mom, right now I would be in gym class…” The doll said as I sat down to eat lunch. Chuckling I said, “Already miss school? Only been out a little more than a week…” “It’s not that I miss school per se…I’m just trying to stay on a schedule” She tried. “Sure you are…” I replied. “Well it’s weird, we’re barely into June and the last day of school didn’t feel like the last day because it was in May…” She tried to explain. “What are your plans this afternoon?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders before disappearing into the next room to finish reading her book.


“Did you talk with my cousin Carrin?” The doll asked me. “Yes, and she said she’d take it under advisement. However, she is not the only person around here who has children. You need to advertise” I tried to inform. Ever since she’ passed the Red Cross baby sitter’s course, she’s been aching to, well, babysit. The problem is, she’s shy and won’t approach many people, preferring to let me (via my big mouth) advertise for her. “Doll you need to print up a leaflet and distribute it throughout the neighborhood…” I said as she nodded but has yet to do anything. “No one will know who you are unless you put yourself out there…” I tried again.

Still waiting… as is she for kids to watch. Someday she’ll figure this out…



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