I love music. Some  good, some not so good. But regardless, I will always love The Rescues. The Rescues, an independent supergroup consisting  Adrianne Gonzalez, Rob  Giles, Gabriel Mann and Kyler England came to Pontiac, Michigan June 10, 2010. No one had ever heard of them among my friends but me. How I found them, I have no idea (I do, but that would take another blog). Why I desperately needed to see them is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain, convincing  friends to go see them with me, was the best decision I’ve ever made. One that continues to ripple through to today.

I love Brandi Carlile music. After finding out the band would be within a 100-mile vicinity, I said to my hubby….”Honey, let’s go see her together…” In return he said,  “No, I’m not that fond of her music…find some friends…” So I began texting and on May 29th I found myself in Royal Oak, Michigan, surrounded by a few trusted friends, shushing them for talking too loud while I tried my best to listen to the music.


One of my very best friends is moving–across town. I think in the end this decision will help both of our Livers. Living just down the street from her has been both a Godsend and a small curse for us on workdays. Last night she invited a few people over to visit and I found myself surrounded by the friends who went with me to see Brandi Carlile. As such, we laughed about the night while at the same time thanking God for putting us together.  Then my friend Deb said, “But it will never compare to the first show…who was the band and when was that?”

“The Rescues,” I said and then realized, “Wow, five years ago today…” I said. She looked at me and said “Thank you for including me on these crazy adventures…” I laughed, throwing off her acknowledgment while thinking to myself “You have no idea how you and everyone else who has ever accompanied me to these shows has saved my life”.


Music is the soul of the world…if you ask me. Somehow music heals, invigorates, reaches beyond all reason and pulls us to a place of comfort. Why else can I remember lyrics to a song I heard forty years ago, but not what I did ten minutes prior? Simply put, music matters…and while I’m tone deaf (sorry to anyone within earshot when I’m singing loudly), that doesn’t negate the need I have to listen, participate, sing along and go see bands perform. Thankfully I have friends willing to go with me…regardless who we see (The Weepies June 30th).










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