who me?


I find myself at a loss for words… I know, hard to believe… It’s just well, the kids are out of school–no more writing about his lousy study skills. Yet the boy spent the first part of the week at his Grandmother’s, doing odd jobs for her in exchange for being away from me and the daily chore list I leave the kids.

My older brother Bill has invited the boy to form a book club with him over the summer–where they’ll read different books and meet once a week to discuss them. In addition, when the boy’s not paying attention, he can sneak some math study into the equation too. The boy reading, leaving my house and math…what win-win for all of us.

On the other hand, the doll seems to be rooted to the couch. “It’s gorgeous out…call some friends!” I try. “Mom, I facetime with them all the time” She replied. “Um looking at a screen with their faces is different from hanging out with them. CALL THEM and set up swim time!” “You don’t like us to swim without a parent around…” She recently threw in my face. “No, what I don’t like is for you to drown. At thirteen, you should all know how to swim and stay safe at a pool aka, follow the rules”. “What if it starts raining?” She shot back at me. “Unless it’s thunder and lightning, you could continue to swim. Otherwise you sit on Grandpas porch, listen to music and giggle with your friends.”

How is this a hard concept? Yet as of today…it appears to be.

Thirteen… blah!



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