Bittersweet weekend…


Sunday morning, we were all seated around the table telling “Grammy” stories and laughing which felt as natural and normal as could be. The only one missing, of course, was Grammy. Throughout the memorial service on Saturday, a video displayed various pictures of “Grammy”; giving us all a quick glimpse at her life in the background.  When the time came for my hubby’s aunt to speak, the video display stopped and focused on one particular photo, featuring Grammy with her husband Curtice. She then began to talk about one of the last few conversations she shared with her mother “Hon-Do you think your father will look like he did when we were younger or like when he died?” Grammy asked. “I don’t know mom, I think maybe he’ll probably be more handsome than he ever was…” She tried. Without missing a beat, her mother replied, “Pfft! As if that could ever happen…” My mother in law, who was seated next to the doll, whispered, “He was a handsome man, don’t you think so?” Which froze the doll. “Uh, um…?” She stuttered. Noticing her quandary I smiled and quietly said to her, “Yes, he certainly was…” which she then quickly repeated to her Grandmother.

The boy meanwhile, who sat on the other side of his grandmother during the church service, made a point of walking up, introducing and then starting a conversation with every person he met, during the dinner that followed. “That is so nice of him…” One of his cousins remarked. “Why, what did he do?” I wondered. “He helped an elderly woman to her car…at his suggestion. He really is a a nice young man…” she explained.

The rest of the weekend all we heard was how beautiful our children were and how impressed everyone was by them. Nice.

Always good to know they clean up well…







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