Yesterday, I received a text at work from an out of town friend, home visiting her family. “I’m going for a walk, can I stop by and see you?” Never mind that we’re having dinner tonight with our families in tow, but having an opportunity to visit one on one was wonderful. We picked back up where we left off and enjoyed a nice catch-up conversation.


I spent much of last night helping one of my very best friends pack up her house to move. When I first broached the subject to help, a month or so ago,  she was shocked. “What?” I asked. “Everyone else is in total avoidance whenever I mention the move” she replied. “Whether I help you or not, you’re still moving right? I can’t change this–it’s a for gone conclusion. So I can either be a grown up and a friend and help you move or I can be a putz. I’d rather be a friend.” So here I found myself with a few close friends packing up the kitchen, sharing memories, laughter and a few tears as well.

When the time came for me to go home I had a hard time leaving. Regardless how late the time was I just couldn’t will myself to leave. I stood there in her kitchen devoid of everything that made it hers and sighed. “This is stupid!” I said to her. “You’re moving across town, I’ll still see you…” I stammered. “Marsh it’s only a little distance…” She tried. “Yeah 13 minutes if I speed on the expressway…” I said jokingly. “But here’s the thing…your living down the street has been a Godsend for me….” She concurred on some level before I added “I guess I’m just going to miss accidentally running into you when I’m out walking” and then we both laughed. There have never been any accidents between us. Glancing back at the clock I said “I need to go home and I guess, so do you”. 

We hugged and said goodnight. 


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