Happy Pride part 2…


I was once told, if I don’t see Jesus in every person I meet, I’m not looking hard enough. This made me question if I’ve ever truly looked upon someone without filters? Back when I worked in retail, I became an expert at assessing someone in under ten seconds to figure out what they needed. Let me tell you, ten seconds really doesn’t do anyone justice. There was this one particular customer who would shop in “drag” and we’d giggle when we saw “her”. Regardless she was a customer; more that that, a human being–yet we giggled because she made us feel uncomfortable.

Thankfully, times are changing.

Saturday morning we awoke to a driving rain storm as remnants of Tropical Storm Bill hovered over the area for most of the day. IMG_0833Thankfully no lightening or thunder accompanied the rain and the parade went on as scheduled. For once I came prepared, bringing along the two rain ponchos the boy and I wore while birding, last month. “You can rain on my parade, but you can’t dampen our pride!” Margie said in defiance of the rain.

We arrived a few minutes late and missed seeing the “Dikes on Bikes” open the parade. When we approached, colorful clothing and umbrellas lined both sides of the downtown Columbus street. Onlookers cheered and waived HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and rainbow flags in support while floats and parade participants moved past. Some even handed out “goods” such as bracelets, chips, water, condoms and even t-shirts to us onlookers. But the spectacle of the parade is what many of us came to see and the parade and float participants did not disappoint.


One of the several Christian churches that marched in the parade extolling the virtue of inclusion and love to all people.


Even the Queen of Hearts made an appearance…


Very pretty!

IMG_0868 (2)

A happy fellow…


balloon anyone?

IMG_0948 (2)

Loved the paper mache wigs.


Yet another Christian church promoting love and acceptance.


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