Please leave my house…


Sewer bugs arrived at our home, shortly after we had our drains cleared free of debris. The boy called me at work the other day to complain. “Why don’t you just kill them?” I asked him. “Because that’s just gross”. He replied which made me wonder, which was grosser, killing them or something in my home that’s attracting them to stay? “Mom we need to have the house fumigated…” He said into the receiver. “Or something…” I replied.

After trying home remedy after home remedy, I’m beginning to think the boy is right. In the meantime, SLAP! another one bites the dust.


The kids have been out of school now almost a full month and I can count on one hand the number of times they’ve voluntarily left my house in the middle of the day to do something. “Why don’t you call….?” I prod them daily. “Mom it’s my summer and I want to enjoy it the way I want to…” The boy replied. “By being a lazy bum?” I asked. “Essentially yes!” He replied. The doll meanwhile has decided she prefers reading books and laying on my couch all day to be the way she celebrates her summer. “Doll, we have a pool down the street…call someone to go swimming” I implored to her the other day. “But I thought you didn’t like us swimming without parental supervision” She chimed back. “No, what I’d like you to do is not be stupid and drown. By now you should know the rules around the pool and how to have fun while staying safe” I replied.

Yet still nothing changed.

Honestly, other than changing our wi-fi password or disconnecting the TV cable to get them out of my house, I began giving some serious consideration to locking them out of the house when I leave for work in the morning. At least then, they’d have to find something creative to do until their father came home.

Then something changed…

By virtue of a work-study program at school, the boy has been forced out of his rut to work this week. “Mom, I don’t have a problem working this week, but I’m going to see if I can change the week in July to a semester during the school year…” The boy proposed. “No. They need the most help during the summer and your set.” I replied. “But that totally ruins my summer!” He shot back. “Two weeks of getting up and out the door to work does not ruin your summer. You refusing to go outside and enjoy these beautiful days is doing a better job of ruining summer, in my opinion.” “Summer is my FREE time…” He argued. “Bay, someday you will learn, there is nothing FREE in life. Best start learning now…” I said, ending our conversation.

I the meantime, yesterday I literally threw her out of the house. “Call your friends, the pool is beautiful, you’re not wasting another day in the house.” “Mom, I have so much stuff to do…” She tried. “Nope. We’ll do your stuff together later, but right now, you are leaving my house!” I pushed. Lo and behold she called five friends and four showed up to go swimming. Go figure. Later when I returned from work I asked, “How was the pool, did you have fun?” She looked back at me and said, “Yes, we did. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing that before…” she winked and smiled. “Well, now that you’ve broken the ice…” I tried. She shot me a smirk and walked away.

Baby sunshine steps.

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