putting off the inevitable…


Last night I ran into an old acquaintance and as we talked and caught up, the doll walked outside for me to introduce. “Wow, she’s gorgeous!” Mary Kay said. “Oh I know, thank you,” I replied. The doll thanked her too and then shot me an embarrassed smile before retreating back to the house. “Good luck, wow you’re in big trouble…” Mary Kay continued and I laughed, understanding what she meant, before I added, “Yes but at the moment her self-confidence isn’t as great as her beauty”. “Oh, how old is she, thirteen?” She asked and I nodded. “When she hits high school, that’s when you can begin your worries…” She said which made me cringe internally while I smiled and nodded back.


Our dog Dixie has been acting odder than usual lately. Tuesday after I let her out in the back to do her business, when the time came for me to leave I opened the door to let her back in, but was surprised to not see her at the door. “Dixie!” I called, but she did not respond. Scanning the yard, I found her lying in a heap in the middle of the yard. “Dix?” I shouted.

No response.

“Okay, this is the last thing I need right now,” I thought to myself. “Dixie, c’mon girl!”

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Sh….

“Doll!” I shouted back into the house. “What?” She replied. “C’mere for a minute…” I replied.

Walking into the room, she stood next to me at the doorway. “Does she look dead to you?” I asked her. The doll’s face went white while her hands pulled some loose strands of hair behind her ears. She took a shallow hitched breath and then yelled, “Dixie?”

Looking back at me and taking a step forward, out the door she bent over and yelled again, “DIXIE! HEY! GIRL!”

Dixie lifted her head briefly, looked in our direction and gave us the “What the ” ” do you want? Can’t you see I’m sunning myself?” look, before lowering her head back onto the grass. The doll turned to me and laughed. “Dumb dog” I replied, noticing the time and realizing I was late for work.

But ever so thankful this inevitable day has been put off for a while longer…


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