Epic….part 1


At the end of school last year,  we hosted a pool party as a way to kick off summer. The hope was the doll connected with enough kids to warrant a chance to connect over the summer. Instead, she hung out with only one girl on occasion while secretly pining for school to start again. I determined last year not to let this happen again. So after we hosted the end of school pool party this year, I told the doll in no uncertain terms that she was not going to lay around and be lonely. She needed to work at getting the girls–the gang together to hang out and ensure a good summer.

One way to accomplish this goal was to host a sleepover. “Mom, I can’t decide who to invite, can’t I just invite everyone?” She asked. Considering we managed fairly well for Halloween and her birthday, I said yes. Little did I know what she was getting us into.

Like most teenagers, the doll spends most of her time talking to her friends. But unlike when I was a kid the telephone is rarely used. Instead, they use Facetime or texting or SnapChat or, or, or….something else I haven’t kept up with. Little did I know she and her girlfriends planned to hold a reaffirming friendship party at my house. “What are you talking about?” I asked as sleepover plans began to expand farther and farther away from my original idea of them streaming a movie or tw0 and staying up all night. “Mom, we just want to reaffirm our friendship, especially since this is probably our last year together. There’s a good chance I may never see some of these girls again…” She explained.

Oh, brother!


One week before….

“Mom, me, and Emilia have been talking and at first, I told her my plan to create a huge collage of pictures from us going to camp and school throughout the years, but then she suggested we make a video instead…” She began. “That sounds reasonable…” I replied. “Well we’re going to work on it together, but the only way to make that work is if I spend the night at her house…” She explained. Smiling to myself I readily agreed and together, after raiding their parents phones and facebook pages, found pictures they could use, worked hard adding music and cool sayings to the mix and created an eight minute video for their friends, titled, The Rejects!”

IMG_1051“Why the rejects?” I asked the night of the sleepover (kind of offended my doll would think of herself in that manner). “Because we’ve been rejected by the other group of girls in our class for being weird and different” One of the girls explained to me. “Mom, it’s not derogatory. We like celebrating our differences…” She concurred. “Well alrighty then…” I said in reply and pressed play. I have to say, between Emilia and my doll, they did a very impressive job on the video. In addition, Emilia then gave everyone a copy of the video to keep for themselves.

And that was only the beginning….







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