I’m offended…


“I’m being bullied by my own mother…” The doll replied and we all laughed. But then she added, “You know if it hadn’t been funny I would have been offended”. 

“Offended?” Oh, brother! Everyone is offended by something nowadays. Whatever happened to the credo “live and let live”? 

A few years ago, Mrs. K and I were playing Scrabble and I had the letter “q”. I found a spot to spell “squaw”. So to make sure I was spelling the word properly I opened up a dictionary and lo and behold “squaw” wasn’t in there. Surprised I googled the word in hopes of understanding. “Squaw” is considered to be a derogatory term to Indians and the dictionary has removed all derogatory terms.  Looking at Mrs. K I lamented “I thought it meant a female Indian how is that derogatory?” Neither one of us had the answer and I had to find another use for the letter “q”. Upon further examination, some “activists” decided “squaw” meant female body parts, which can be construed as offensive and derogatory. Yet some Native Americans shake their heads and wonder how their simple word for “woman” became known as something else all together. 


I have no attachment to the confederate flag, having lived up north my entire life. I can see where some might be offended by the antiquated symbol the confederate flag displays and totally agree for the removal of it flying proudly over the South Carilina state house. But, if I lived in the South I might feel different. I might believe the flag represented our proud Southern culture and showed how far we’ve grown away from our oppressive past. 

But is the flag really the issue here? Can removing an oppressive symbol remove racism? No. Man is perfectly good at hating on others, regardless of symbols around them. I don’t  understand why the collective consciousness seems to be fixated on an antiquated symbol instead of focusing on the real issue–mans inability to love one another regardless of skin color.


“Bay you are offending my olfactory senses…when was the last time you took a shower?” Looking back at me he replied “I’m offended by your offense of my manly smell…” Then graced me with a smile and said “You’re right I need a shower.” Then disappeared into the bathroom to take one. 

Now if only everything could be solved as easily.


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