No makeup is worn in baseball….


“Rain rain go away, come again another day…” I’ve been repeating a lot lately. For the last three weeks, no matter what plans I happen to have, rain seems to be an unwelcome partner. Our little trip to Tennessee was no different. Midway through our drive down we encountered heavy rain, which chose to stay with us our entire trip. While we tried to not let the rain deter us from having fun, I have to admit the rain did prevent us from getting an early start most days.

“Let’s go down into town and get some lunch” My husband announced, which prompted the boy and I to put away our books and stuff and get ready to go. The girls, on the other hand, disappeared into their sleeping quarters and didn’t come out. “Doll, what’s taking so long…?” I yelled up the steps. “In a minute,” she replied while my husband and I looked at each other and shrugged. Ten minutes passed and still no doll or Stephanie. “What is taking them so long?” I wondered aloud. “Mom, knowing them, their probably trying to decide what to wear…” The boy quipped.  Becoming more impatient, my hubby ascended the stairs to hurry them along. A moment later he returned to our sleeping quarters and said, “Well, the good news is they are fully dressed. What’s taking so long, however, is they are putting on make-up”.

IMG_1154“Make-up? On a rainy day in the mountains where they really won’t see anyone? What the heck?” I thought to myself though I had a good idea. What else is there to do when you’re bored and thirteen?”Just then the doll walked into our room to use the vanity mirror. “Mom the mirror upstairs is so small I can’t see my eyelashes to I can apply the mascara”. She explained. “Doll, there are two things running through my head right now…One there is no crying or wearing of make-up in baseball and wearing make-up on a rainy yucky day in the mountains is futile” I said. Looking back at me she shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Mom, it’s raining and there is nothing to do. We’re bored, so deal with it…” “Well alrighty then…” I replied and slightly congratulated myself for seeing into the mind of a thirteen-year-old.

Almost an hour after the hubby announced plans to go into town, we left for lunch, the doll and Stephanie dressed like little rock and rollers, make-up included, quite honestly making us–or who am I kidding, making them the most stylish people in the restaurant that day.

Perhaps I should take some lessons… nah!


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