One more time….


IMG_1426Well, we came back to the real world last week and guess what? Nothing changed. The rain continued to fall on all our parades yet we kept moving forward regardless. But before we left Lauren’s place, she asked us to stop and pose for a farewell picture that she could post on her Meyer Mountain Lodge’s Facebook page. Because, while we were invited guests to her home, she also lists her house on air.bnb to accommodate travelers looking for an inexpensive place to sleep. If your ever interested in exploring the Cherokee National Forest or need a place to stay en route to someplace else, please consider staying with her and her two dogs Shelby and Tootsie. Between the views and the comfortable IMG_1402surroundings, you can’t go wrong.

Now there are a few things you should be ready for if you visit the Lodge. First off Lauren has two dogs, Shelby (blonde) and Tootsie (black) who are very nice and welcoming. What we found funny was that Tootsie really took to the girls while Shelby was happy to hang out with the boy. I was happy, they both sensed my desire not to pet them (allergies) and instead moved to more willing hands, such as my hubby, who was more than happy to pet and play with them both.IMG_1396

IMG_1214The boy’s favorite place to sit was in a hanging porch chair with foot rest, on the back porch, where he could view the mountains, listen to music or read a book in peace. The only problem being his propensity to swing the chair harder than designed. “Boy, not so hard!” His father warned, fearing the weight of the boy and swing combination would pull the chair from its ceiling anchor. The boy would stop for a few minutes before unconsciously begin to swing again. “Knock! Crack! Creek!” noises became louder, as the ceiling hanger bore the weight. Finally, Lauren took matters into her own hands (with our approval mind you) and convinced the boy to stop swinging.

As we packed up the car in advance of our long drive home, we had to coax Tootsie out from under the van–she evidently had ideas about riding home with us, until she spotted her mom and returned to her side. Taking in one last good look around we stopped long enough to allow Lauren to snap the picture before we set out on our journey home.

I don’t know about you, but I think this picture is very telling…and the best one we took all week.IMG_1436


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