a pictorial or whatever…


IMG_1308As you can surmise, my kids were, well, rather boring this past week. The doll was not feeling very well and simply laid low. Meanwhile, the boy decided a Grammy-fix was in order and disappeared to her house for few days, returning Saturday, leaving me with very little to write about.

So…in an effort to keep my record of writing a blog Monday through Friday intact, I present to you a pictorial of weird or maybe fascinating (or whatever) photographs taken this summer mostly with my iPhone. Sorry if any are blurry.

Since my doll dislikes (understatement) spiders and since I’m a mean mommy by trade, I snapped this picture of this blackened exposed root system from a fallen tree while hiking in the Smokey Mountains. “Doesn’t this look like a spider?” I asked her. “Where did you see this?” she asked, taking a step back from my phone. “On the trail we just hiked” I replied. “Good thing I didn’t see it otherwise I might have fallen down the side of the mountain…” She replied dramatically. “More likely you would have tripped…” I said while she shrugged a “whatever” toward me.


IMG_1444-0At our local mall, they have a two story parking garage to help handle overflow traffic. I tend to park there regardless simply because not many others do. Following the boy’s indoctrination to Hot Topic last week, when we exited the mall we realized a pop-up rain storm had come through while we were inside. As I began to pull away, the kids yelled “STOP!” “Mom look at those…” The boy said, fascinated by the clouds following the storm. Then all three of us took out our iPod/phones and began to snap pictures; reveling in the beauty of the storms’ aftermath. “How geeky is this?” I giggled while I snapped away. “Yeah, like how many other people would stop and take these pictures?” The doll added. “So we’re geeky…” The boy began, “But we also have very good eyes for beauty”. After a minute or two, we left, following the rain clouds as we traveled onward.



Last year armed with advice from a friend, I bought a bunch of closed out perennials to plant in my front garden and hoped for the best. Over the past several years, I’ve been waging an epic battle against a beautiful yet invasive flower/weed called Gooseneck. Last year I pulled out every flower, dug down three feet and removed the plant tendrils which connected one plant to another and then redesigned the garden altogether, adding the new perennials with hope I had destroyed any remaining remnants of the plant. So far this year, I’ve removed four growing strands of Gooseneck before they blossomed. Hopefully, that is all I will see. In the meantime, though, the new perennials have come to life, adding so much color and beauty to my front garden, I couldn’t be happier. However, beauty aside, bee balm, which has attracted hummingbirds to our home, reminds me of a science fiction character from the movie Alien (when the monster opened her mouth to reveal an additional mouth ready to bite) …the bloom opening wide to reveal an additional bloom. Kind of makes me wonder if this was the special effects designers inspiration? Probably not, but cool, just the same.


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