Every night following dinner, my hubby and I go for about a 2.5 mile walk around our neighborhood which not only helps me achieve my 10,000 steps per day quota, but also allows us a chance to catch up and talk to one another for an hour straight, without interruption. We’ve found this quiet time together has done wonders for our marriage as of late. For instance, the other night I complained about how he, along with our kids don’t pay attention to details–like cleaning the shower stall for instance. “What’s wrong with the shower?” He wondered. “What’s wrong? It’s filthy and I’m the only one who seems to notice. Don’t you see the soap scum on the base of the walls?” I asked. “Yes…but…” “But nothing. I can’t be the only one in there removing them on a daily business. I need your help so it doesn’t continue to build up…more torque, you know?”

Yesterday morning, when I jumped in the shower after my workout, lo and behold I found the shower had been cleaned. After arriving home from work, I approached him, giving him a quick peck and said, “Thank you for cleaning out the shower…” Surprised he said, “You noticed that?” “Obviously…” I replied and laughed. “Oh and thank you or listening to what I was saying…” I added. “How could I not…? He replied and smiled, then used his right hand to gesture someone who talks (nags) on and on…” “Watch it, mister…” I playfully responded while preparing dinner at the same time, “You don’t want to get someone with a knife upset…” I replied holding up the pairing knife I was using. “Oh far be it from me…” he said before we moved onto another subject altogether.


After dinner and our nightly walk, I took control of the television and flipped around until I landed on the movie Charade on Netflix. “What is this?” the doll asked skeptically. “An old movie with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn” I replied. “What’s it about?” the boy wandered in and asked. “Let’s find out,” I said and pressed play. The doll immediately became uninterested, opened her book and disengaged from viewing… well kind of. Every once in a while I would catch her peer over the book to take a look at what was happening on screen. Meanwhile the boy made an interesting observation, “Everyone who enters, does so in silhouette, from dark into light. I have a theory if they enter from light into dark, they are going to die…”

As the movie wore on, sure enough just as the boy predicted, each character who entered from the dark into the light died–until the very end. “Oh no, they all came in from the dark…how will this end?” I asked in a very dramatic voice. The boy swatted in the air toward me inviting me to shush down and we all engaged in the final shoot out until the true murderer was revealed–and was killed. “Well bay your theory held true for most of the film, except for the two main characters…” I said. “You never seriously believed that Cary Grant was going to be killed did you? He’s one of the main characters. So my theory was correct–when not applied to the main characters. “Thank you for the clarification bay, next time you should state that fully…” I replied before turning off the TV for the night and sending us all to bed. “Mom…” The boy began as we walked toward his room, “I shouldn’t have to. That should be a given…” Alright, bay, goodnight” I said before heading up to bed myself.


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