“I think you made me cry in prison…” The man said while taking my hand to shake. My first thought was, “Is he a former inmate that recognized me without make-up?” quickly followed by my verbalization, “Oh you were on the ministry team…” and returned the handshake. “Yes, and it’s quite difficult to make me cry anywhere, but especially in prison, because you don’t cry there–you don’t show your vulnerability or weakness. Watching those inmates allow themselves to do so is very special. You have a very special ministry there”.

I don’t mind saying, when I heard this compliment, I felt quite “high” for a while afterward as the result.

This was but one of my many experiences yesterday at Exclaim! a free Christian concert put on by my diocese–but open to all denominations throughout the area. Three nationally recognized Christian artists all from different denominations took the stage, (Curtis Stephen, Matt Maher and Francesca Battistelli) and entertained the crowd with beautiful words and music extolling love, support and the need of having God/Jesus in our lives.

Video games were the preferred method to get through the boring music day with me...

Video games were the preferred method to get through the “boring” music day with me…

“Mom, how can this be a Christian song?” The doll asked me while Francesca Battistelli sang a cover of the Best Day of My Life. “Honey, not all songs have to come out and say God or Jesus or the saints. Some songs just have to encourage you to feel better about yourself. That’s what God wants…for you to be happy, have great days and love one another…” I explained. “She mouthed the words “Oh” then went back to looking bored.

Afterward as we drove home, I said to the doll and her friend, “Thank you two for coming with me. I really had a fun time. The girls replied in typical teenage speak, “Whatever”. “I hope it wasn’t too boring for you…” I added and the doll’s friend replied, “It got better as the day wore on…so it wasn’t totally boring…” “Ah, well good, I’m glad it was something for you…” I laughed.


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