a traumatic experience…


Shortly after I posted my blog yesterday, my doll noticed the picture of her hands and asked, “Can I read this?” Having nothing to hide I said “Sure”. “I never said that…” she said as she read. Busily eating my lunch, I replied, “Poetic license,” while she continued reading on. When she finished I asked, “Well?” “At least you didn’t mention about my traumatic experience…” To which I replied, “Come back tomorrow,” and was slapped playfully across the arm as a reply.

When we approached the counter to purchase her Vans, I handed her a coupon worth $10 off the price of athletic shoes. “Mom this won’t work, they aren’t athletic shoes”. “Doll they have a rubber sole. They look like old Converse tennis shoes, this will work”. “Mom, regardless they aren’t athletic shoes”. She argued. “Doll, if he doesn’t accept the coupon, no harm no foul. But if he does, you’ll save $10!” I tried to explain, but she wouldn’t listen. Finally, as he rang up the total, I set the coupon on the counter and lo and behold he accepted the coupon. “Hey what do you know? You’re mom was right again! Go figure…” I said causing her face to flush part embarrassment/part what.ev.er.

Later when we entered the lingerie department of another store, she asked, “What are we doing here?” “Well, since I’ve lost weight, I need to buy new bras” I informed. “You’re kidding me right?” She begged. “Sorry, doll,” I said and approached a sales clerk asking for a measurement”. “Would you like to go into the room with your mom?” The sales clerk asked. Her eyes instantly grew large as she immediately declined the invitation, instead choosing to take a seat just outside the dressing room entrance. When I finally emerged she said, “Took you long enough! Do you know how embarrassing this is for me?” “Why, you weren’t trying on bras..” I replied. “Mom, I’m sitting there and all these people are carrying bras and other nasty stuff, talking about bras and underwear and my iPod was like only at 20% so I couldn’t listen to my music to tune everyone out”. Amused I smiled and said, “So this was a traumatic experience for you?” “Extremely traumatic” she corrected. “So did you find any BRAS OR UNDERWEAR YOU’D LIKE TO TRY ON TOO? I asked louder than needed. Unamaused she replied, “SHHH!! I’ll be waiting for you over there.” Pointing toward the elevator. “Okay,” I said and giggled on my way to the register.


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