perks of cleaning…


One of the first jobs I had a paid companion was to help Charlotte transition from living by herself to living in a nursing home. Charlotte suffered from Alzheimer’s and needed help shortly after her husband passed away. One of the biggest areas that needed attention was her inability to throw stuff away, in particular, cards. “Before her husband passed away he told me to toss every card I found. Charlotte, however,  couldn’t seem to part with them. “I kept them for some reason…” She’d tell me each time I asked. Instead, I searched for a new location to stash them–until I could throw them out–Out of sight, out of mind thinking. One day I found a stack of Mother’s day cards from 20 years past and asked her if she really needed me to hang onto them. Taking a closer look she declared, “These aren’t mine….these were my mothers”. Laughing I asked, “Why do you have your mother’s cards?” She replied, “After she passed away, I didn’t know what to do with them…”

And…I might add, she wouldn’t let me throw them away then either.


FullSizeRenderI know I’ve been known to complain about my childrens’ inability to properly clean their rooms, ahead of me painting their rooms. But I have found some perks in the mess… old cards and pictures I don’t even remember taking or seeing. The boy, in particular, had a knack for hanging onto cards and letters from his great Grandmother Kathryn, who recently passed away. Reading all her words of encouragement and love toward him made my heart swell. We’ve always known the boy to be a sentimental kid, I’m just really happy he kept these little trinkets/reminders to show him how well he’s been loved since he entered all our lives.

Now I’m wondering what cool stuff I’ll find in the doll’s room…



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