Brief conversations….


While everyone is gone, I’ve enjoyed the quiet of my own mind…or rather loud music emanating from stereo speakers while I’ve painted, cleaned, dusted and did just about everything else. But each night, my hubby calls to give me a brief glimpse of what their day held. Everything is rather routine, nothing exemplary, just how their day went. “I tried to get up and out really early this morning while the stars were still out, but couldn’t rouse myself up. Wish you were here to help,” He said to me last night.

The boy entered the room and asked his father if he could talk to me too. “Hey, bay!” I said.  “Heyyy Mom. Tell me…what of mine did you throw away?” Smiling into the receiver I replied, “Everything. You’re starting over from scratch”. “Seriously…” He tried. “I got you new sheets for your bed.” I offered. “New sheets?” “Yes, and I’m envious. They’re very soft…” “Whoo hoo!” He replied before jumping back, “But seriously, what of mine did you throw away?” “Bay…don’t worry so hard, you’ll hurt your head”. I offered while he grunted in reply before handing the phone back to his father.

After a little more small talk, we ended our conversation. The doll was too engrossed in a facetime chat with her friends to come and offer anything more of importance. But I didn’t mind. Unbeknownst to the others, she sent me a few texts earlier in the day and tho brief, they were more than enough. God forbid I should refer to her father as “Daddy” ever again.IMG_1594


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