Mean mommy pearls….


A friend of mine this morning tweeted to me her anticipation at reading my “wisdom” in reference to this blog. My immediate reply was “You may have to wait a really long time for that…” But it got me thinking. Do I have any wisdom I’d like to spew….er, rather put forth into the universe? hmm such a daunting proposition…but here goes…

Please note, any wisdom pearls which bear a striking a resemblance to a Jim Croce song are most especially intended…

  1. Don’t spit into the wind…
  2. Don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
  3. If you want to eat cookies, cakes and ice cream, you’ll never be Slim
  4. If you want to stay on your mom’s good side, stop saying “No” in every tone, to every-single-thing she suggests.
  5. If you don’t like what’s for dinner, eat it anyway. Until you pay for the food in front of you, you don’t have a say in what’s dinner.
  6. Pay attention to the mess YOU make and clean it up. Don’t make MOM do all the work (seldom happens).
  7. Have an open mind and an open heart, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow every cockamamy idea that comes along–even if the idea is yours.
  8. Enjoy old black and white movies which allow your imagination to come into play.
  9. If everything is given to you, where will your own personal enjoyment in achieving something come from?
  10. Love yourself enough to do the hard work to becoming a better person.
  11. Keep your mouth shut, especially after you’ve imbibed large amounts alcohol when talking with loved ones. Some of the most hurtful things come out when you’ve least intended them to (aimed more at adults, which my kids will be someday–as well as myself) and you can’t clarify because your imbibed brain has lost its mind.
  12. Turn the other cheek….yes stolen from the bible, but still true in most instances. If someone has hurt you, hanging onto the hurt only troubles you–not them. They aren’t living your life. Let it go…
  13. Try to be accepting of everyone’s differences. If I had a nickel for every time I was classified as the “ugly” girl among my friends, I’d be rich. Outward beauty doesn’t hold a candle to inward beauty.
  14. Love and hugs are free, most of the time. Don’t be ashamed to love and hug. Be open to where your path in life leads you–even when offering a hug to someone you never considered.
  15. Be who God intended you to be. If God is love, then you should be a reflection of HIM. Love often.
  16. To keep your mom happy, please, please, please, wash your face and hair every so often (emphasis on often).

Well, that’s a good start I suppose. Though I should add, “Just be yourself” but I’m afraid the boy will internalize this as meaning “I don’t have to study, clean, wash or mow the lawn. Instead, I can do what I want to do all the time aka go online 24/7.”  So, I think I’ll leave that one off for a few more years. In addition, most of these are recycled from what my parents taught me, though honestly, sometimes they are hard to follow.

With luck, my kids won’t need this list.

With luck, they’ve been listening to their father and I.

With luck, their wisdom will far out shadow mine.


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