Walking in circles…


It’s the first day of Eleventh grade here for the boy and as par for the course, we were running late. As we pulled up to the front of the school building this morning, he opened his window to say hello to the man who directs traffic, and the man standing next to him; the Principal out greeting student arrivals, “Heyyy” the boy sing sung in their direction and was met with a jubilant  “Welcome back Boy!” To which I responded, “Oh lord bay, they DO know who you are…” He laughed and said “Yes any chance of me keeping a low profile in this school is like asking a barbarian to put down his weapons.”  “Wha?” I asked looking at him sideways. “Just go with it mom” He replied with a laugh and exited the car.

After having spent the last four days with his grandmother, when we arrived to pick him up yesterday, not only did he have a fresh haircut, but he was clean shaven. “Did you shave?” I asked him the obvious question. “The people at the hair place shaved my face for me…” He explained. “With a razor or hair clippers?” I wondered. “Does it matter?” He asked. “No, I only wondered. Bay you look very handsome all of a sudden”. I said, unable to remove my hand from his clean face. “Mom, you’re becoming embarrassing.” He said moving away from me. “Only becoming? Damn! I need to work on that.” I said with a smile, as he exited the room.


Last night he asked, “Mom do you know what happened to my shoes?” Bay, it’s not my job to keep track of them for you…” I replied. “No, but you cleaned out my room to paint”. Dang, he had a point, but frankly I didn’t remember what I did/if I did anything with them. “Start looking…” I suggested, before going back to what I was doing. Fifteen minutes later he informed, “I can only find one shoe…” You know a mom’s work is never done because kids give up when the item they are searching for is not within eye shot. “Did you look under the buffet?” I asked. “Yes,” He replied sounding appalled I could even suggest… Two minutes later, I reached under the buffet and handed him the “other” shoe. “Perhaps looking under the entire buffet…” I said as he walked away with the shoe.

This morning as he prepared to put his shoes on he said, “These are for two left feet”. Holding up both shoes for me to see, before he broke into giggles. “What?” I said. “Yes, they’re both for the left foot. I wonder if I just never noticed?” “Bay, you would notice,” I replied. “Wait, wait, let me try…” He said and then proceeded to put the left shoe on his right foot. “Annnd?” I asked already knowing the answer. “Yep, it’s for my left foot”. He dryly explained pulling the shoe off his foot. Grabbing the shoes I noted one was an 11 and the other an 11.5 M. Walking back over to the buffet, I looked down, pointed and said, “There is another shoe under there in the back…” He laid out in front of the buffet, reached back and pulled the matching 11.5 M shoe out and laughed “Well that’s a relief. School would have really sucked if I had to wear both left shoes…” Amused I asked, “And what would your friends or teachers have said?” “Oh I don’t know, probably something like asking if I were planning on walking in circles today.” He said and smirked.

“Well it is the first day of school…” I replied and we both smiled.


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