a pregnant pause….


As some of you may already know, I’ve lost some weight. I won’t bore you with all the details of why or what, but suffice to say, I realized this spring something had to change when my “fat” clothes no longer fit. They were too small. While out walking with my honey one morning I confided, “I think I’m going to jump on the Beachbody train”. My niece’s are heavily involved with the Beachbody community and have lost many pounds and inches, as the result. After consulting with them, I decided now was the time for me to take a leap of faith.  As we walked along I explained, “I’m almost 51 years old and am having more trouble breathing via asthma and you know my sleep cycle sucks-which my doctor alluded to being caused by the extra weight. Since I have an appointment at the end of June, now is the best time to start.”

On May 5th, I began my weight loss journey.

My thinking was simple, I would have two full months to either lose some weight or fall flat on my face. After talking with my niece Carrin, I decided to accept the 21-day fix challenge, which is a three-week workout (one daily 30-minute exercise) cycle, as well as a lifestyle, portion-controlled eating plan which included drinking one protein shake a day. I’m not going to lie, the first week of the program was pure hell. At one point, I had difficulty sitting on a toilet seat, for fear I wouldn’t be able to stand back up. But I persevered. Between drinking protein shakes (Shakeology) for breakfast, trying to drink half my weight in water throughout the day and making sure I stuck with the food structure, slowly but surely I began losing weight.

By May 16th, I had lost 6.5 pounds, which gave me the impetus to keep going. By the end of my first 21-days, I had lost nine pounds and fit back into clothes the month before were too small. After giving myself a week off, I started back up and lost eleven pounds in the next cycle. When I entered my doctor’s office, she patted me on the back and encouraged me to continue toward my overall goal. Currently, I’m in the last week (ends Sunday) of my fourth cycle and have lost a total of 30 pounds, in addition to 46 overall inches (8/3/15).

But here’s what is really cool about what I’ve accomplished: every member of my family has complimented and/or encouraged me. “Mom you need to use this…” the boy said handing me his camping sleep mat to use as an exercise mat after watching me struggle on the carpeting, the first week.

“You’ve shrunken!” My hubby said as he reached over to snuggle one morning. “That or my arm has grown exponentially” He added with a laugh.

Every time I enter my father’s home he yells, “Hey skinny!!” Which is cute in an annoying sort of way.

And while these are nice, I relished in the compliment given to me by the doll the other night when she kept repeatedly hugging me, releasing and then hugging again, because her arms fit differently around my waist. “This is good isn’t it?” I asked, enjoying each hug as she tested her arm placement during the hug.”Yes, just weird”.

This morning while watching me workout before school, without prompts she said, “Mom, you look so much better today, plus you don’t put yourself down like you did before. I like this version of you much better”.  

As I mentioned above, I’m in the last week of my current cycle and will begin the next one after Labor Day. While some might find this crazy to continue, the way I’m looking at this now is, I’m simply trying to lose my pregnancy weight; albeit seventeen years late.

Better late than never.

Left Angle Aug. 30, 2014 (l) Aug. 12, 2015 (r)

Left Angle
Aug. 30, 2014 (l)
Aug. 12, 2015 (r)

Aug 30 2014 (L) Aug 12 2015 (R) Same shirt

Aug 30 2014 (L)
Aug 12 2015 (R)
Same shirt/smaller shorts


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