ohhhh yeahhh…


Many years ago, the “first” day of school meant more than it does today. Like the time when I dropped the boy off at school, came home and did a happy dance in the kitchen saying, “I’m free!! I’m free!!” Happy that for at least two hours I could put the doll down for a nap and get some stuff done around the house. Or like the time when I dropped the doll off for her first full day of school and I spent much of my morning sitting and talking with other elated parents; celebrating our daytime freedom once more. Even so, there is nothing more pleasing to a parent, than that first day when the kids go back to school and our home routine returns to normal…kinda.

It’s been and interesting few days in my neck of the woods, most of which have to do with my kids going back to school. The boy started back Monday, looking tall and handsome and ready to face his Junior year, but refusing to let me take his picture. “Mom, been there done that” he reasoned. When I picked him up afterward the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “Mrs. Tee still hates me…” “Well the good news…is that you already know where her expectations lie, so work that to your advantage. What about your other classes?” I replied. “Eh, so far so good…”

As of today, his assessment of his class schedule hasn’t changed. (I know, still early, but just the same) Whew!

IMG_1682Most of last years’ school semester, the doll dragged herself out of bed approximately ten minutes before the last bell rang at school (perk of living four houses away). Then all summer long, while I worked out each morning before work, her alarm clock would ring incessantly. Yet the doll would never answer the darn thing. “All you’re doing is teaching yourself how to sleep through your alarm clock, doll” I cautioned many times. “No, I actually wake up, I’m just too lazy to get out of bed…” was but one of the many many excuses she had for not turning the darn thing off. So I was a little more than surprised yesterday morning when she yelled up bedroom steps at 6:30 a.m., “Yo mom! UP and moving before you’ve even made it downstairs! So…yeah!” “Ha! You showed me!” I laughed before adding, “Congratulations for finally turning off your alarm and actually getting out of bed! No really, I’m proud of you!” Coming down the steps, dressed for my workout. “You know, tomorrow I probably won’t, since the excitement of…” Holding up both hands she made air quoation marks over ‘first’ day will have worn off…” She reasoned. “Probably,” I concurred, before adding, “So I’ll be ready to wake you if need be”.

Shockingly, she woke herself up again today, of her own accord.

Perhaps the start of a new trend…? I’m not holding my breath.





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