A few months back, the doll took and passed the Red Cross babysitting course, hoping to make some much-needed money this past summer, but has yet to have one job offer. There was a chance for a brief job last June, watching a teacher’s grade school children until their brother arrived, but due to circumstances beyond her control, that job fell through. All summer long she kept asking me, “Mom have you told so and so I can babysit now?” My response was always the same, “Yes.”

The other day a friend sent me a text wondering if she would be interested in walking her kids home from school and sitting with them until she arrived an hour later. “YES!!!” she immediately replied. So now, my little girl has a job. “Mom this will give me good experience too,” she explained, “Not to mention a few bucks in your back pocket…” I added. She smiled and said, “Yes. This will help me save money for the concert, so I can buy t-shirts and other souvenirs.” she added. “Um…and pay me for your ticket?” I asked.

If you want a smile, this is what I'm gonna give you...

If you want a smile, this is what I’m gonna give you…

Smiling, a little embarrassed by her excitement at having some spending money, she replied, “Oh yeah, sure”. “Your response doesn’t sound all that enthusiastic doll…” I replied with a laugh. She in turn shrugged her shoulders, tilted her head and gave me her “If you want a smile, you’re going to get this instead” look, before walking away.

So be it…

Now on to getting the boy motivated in making some money too…


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