Round up


Super duper late blog…but a girls gotta work sometimes. Enjoy!

Tomorrow the doll and I will be watching my High School Alma Mater play a football game featured on ESPN. The boy who attends the same school is planning on hanging out with his Grandmother, walking and playing video games. “Mom, football isn’t my thing…” He explains every time I ask. “You know I have to ask, on the outside chance you’ll change your mind,” I replied. “I will never change my mind, so you can stop asking now”. He explained. The doll, on the other hand, wasn’t sure she wanted to attend the game either, that is until I explained a few things. “The game is going to be on national television,” I said. “Wha?” She looked at me stunned. “Yes, ESPN is broadcasting…” and before I could finish she jumped in and said, “OKAY!”

Since then, she’s driving me nuts. “What time is the game? When are we going? You need to find out the color scheme. You need to give me an idea of how long we will be at the game…” and on and on and on.  “Game is at 4, the theme is a red out–which means where a red shirt.” I began. “Can I wear the sweatshirt Aunt Ann gave me?” She asked.  “I don’t care,” I replied. “I may not be wearing red”. “Yeah, well that’s you. Remind me not to sit next to you”. She snidely replied.  “To continue, we’ll get there around 2 pm to tailgate. “Mom you’re not allowed to drink any beer”. “Doll, tell you what, we’ll look for your friends to hang out with, that way I won’t embarrass you”. “Mom, regardless whether you drink or not, you always embarrass me. I just want to keep the embarrassment level at a minimum.” “I see. So tell me, what will you do to reciprocate?” “Be my usual awesome self” she replied.

Dear God! and she’s not even a Freshman yet…

However the thought of embarrassing her on national television is intriguing…




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