Garbage day…


Emotional blackmail. Teenage angst. Money woes. Anger. Entitlement-What’s that?Sleepless nights. Being right and being wrong. Love. Hate. Misery loves company. Wants. Desires. Needs. Hot flashes. Day in and day out. Teeth pulls. Braces. Breaks in the clouds. Sunlight. Beer. Super moons. Disappointments. Evening walks. Breathing in and out. Feeling put upon. Contentment. Overwork. Burdened. Underwork. My time. Wine. No time. Not getting it. Wonder. Hugs. Shake my head. Long winded explanations. Often. Supernatural. Free time. Service hours. Helping others. Argumentative behavior. Exercise Helping yourself. Being selfish. Get out of your own way. Complimentary. Frustrating. Loud voices. Quiet tones. Ticking clocks.


Have you ever laid in bed at night while crap like the above ran through your head? If so, welcome to my world. Last night I fell asleep before 10 pm, awoke a short time before 11pm and laid staring at the ceiling in my bedroom until God knows what time this morning. All the garbage in and out of the last few weeks playing over and over in my head. Consequently I didn’t get much sleep.

Being a parent in this day and age is so hard. The kids are exposed to so much garbage and I’m helpless to stop it. Day in and day out I’m confronted by the “what if’s” or “if only’s?” Concepts that could have changed an outcome of a past event or mood of my children. Of course, also being a parent who was raised during the Stone Age (before computers, cellphones, the Internet)  certainly doesn’t help or seem to garner much support either. 

Last night my Twitter feed was filled with images from the MTV MVAs and I had to wonder what possesses these kids to dress like fools, get high and call one another out in front of the world? Are ya trying to get our attention or just Get us to change the channel quicker? 

You see I don’t get this stuff. I don’t see how others can find this entertainment. Yet my children are drawn to this garbage because it influences more garbage to be produced and more garbage for them to consume via the Internet and streaming videos. And all I can do is try to limit what they see and participate in, which we all know is easier said than done. The other night I told someone via Twitter I consider myself as having a pretty open mind and like to think I’m raising my children as such. But there is a limit to how much garbage can stack up and block that openess. Right now, today the garbage is piled sky high, with no end in sight. Which means more sleepless nights while I try to find a way to clear this mess out of our lives. 

Perhaps a change in the wifi code is the first start…


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