changes aplenty…


IMG_1715Last Saturday the doll and I attended the nationally televised football game between my Alma Mater (The Fighting Irish), winners of the division three state championship and the  (Bengals) winner of the division four state championship last season. While the home team lost the game, we did not lose hope for the season. More to the point the game only whet our appetite for the season of games ahead.

When we arrived, we pushed through the tailgate crowd, listening to various music booming from different car speakers; the doll keeping a close step behind me. “Well this is odd” she noted having never attended a tailgate party before now. “We’re looking for my friends cars and once there, you can call Natalia”. I proposed. A short time later,  Natalia approached and asked if the doll could hang out with her family “Score!” I thought while giving her my permission and then they disappeared into the crowd. In the meantime, I spotted my brother Chris, his wife Jean and a few nephews and decided to wander over and hang out with them.

Just before going into the game, a woman dressed in Irish gear approached me and said, “Hello bay’s mom” which made me smile. “Hello…” I replied. “We love your son. Every morning he comes into the main office and says “Helllooo” to the staff before disappearing down the hall to his locker”. Smiling back at her I replied, “Yes, that’s his thing.” Continuing her smile, she gave me two thumbs up, before turning and walking away. “Looking at Chris I said, “If the doll had been standing here, that gesture would have embarrassed her and possibly changed her mind about attending here next year”. Watching the woman walk away, he turned and said, “Yes, older brother’s have a way of doing that, huh?” Looking back into my older brother’s face, I replied, “Well you ought to know.”

Afterward, when I asked the doll if she had fun, she shrugged her shoulders. “What? I thought sitting over in the student section would have been fun” I commented. “Eh, mostly Natalia and I sat and talked. She’s still not sure where she’s going to high school next year”. She explained. “Did you watch any of the game?” I asked. “Eh, a minute or two. Honestly, mom, football’s not my thing.” She said. “Then why did you come with me?” I wondered. “Because there was a chance I’d be on national TV”. She said with a smile.”Well next year when you’re a Freshman, these games will be more fun, bouncing around in the crowd…” I assuaged. Giving me a sideways glance she replied “Yeah, whatever mom” before adding, “At least it didn’t pour (rain) and it gave me something to do today. We’re all good.” She added.

“Good” I replied.


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