a good night’s sleep?


These last two weeks have been filled with many sleep deprived nights. Two weeks ago my dad either mixed up his medications or had the flu, which resulted in my spending the night at his house for a week. Though he’s better now and I’m home happily sleeping in my own bed, that full week on a blow-up mattress was less than ideal. Why not pull down one of the old mattresses from upstairs?” My brother, Chris reasoned. “Considering the mattresses up there are anywhere from 40-60 years old…I’m not sure they would be much better” I replied. Thinking for a moment, he nodded and then laughed, “Oh you’re right!”

“The doll has been asking for a mattress topper for some time,” My husband noted while we shopped at Costco last Friday”. “We could get a memory foam topper for her bed, but not give to her until you’re done sleeping at Dad’s”. This sounded like the perfect solution, so that’s what we did. A short time later, we stopped at my dad’s, pulled out the topper and set it on the bed.

Over the holiday weekend, my brother Tim had the luxury to sleep on the blow-up mattress, using my newly purchased mattress topper and declared the bed comfortable. Tuesday morning, when I woke up at Dad’s I had to agree and was happy I made that purchase. Then Tuesday evening, Dad called to tell me he was good to sleep at his house alone again. My topper acquisition was no longer looking like a good deal.  “I’m sorry you bought that ‘topper'” My dad said last night. “Don’t worry, the doll will use it for the time being”, I explained. “What happens if I need you back?” He asked. “She’ll go back to being uncomfortable”. I replied.

Yesterday we entered the house and said, “Doll, look what we have for you!!” Looking at the mattress topper she said excitedly, “Cool thanks! I’ve been jealous of the boy’s mattress topper ever since he got his. Maybe now I will get a good night’s sleep!” and then she happily carried the topper off to her bedroom.

Alls well that ends well, I thought

Last night, when I went to wish her a good night I asked, “How’s the new topper feel?” Lifting her head from her pillow she replied, “Oh yeah, I haven’t put it on the bed yet”. “Huh?” I questioned. “I didn’t feel like un-making and then re-making my bed” she explained. “Because that would allow you to have a good night’s rest for a change…?” I sarcastically replied. She rolled her eyes and said “Goodnight mother” before lowering her head back to her pillow, in essence ending our conversation.

Let’s hope so…




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