new adventures…


Since 2009, the year Guiding Light, an American daytime serial went off the air, I’ve been engaged in dialogue with men and women on Twitter, the social media site. The group I’m in follows the actress, Crystal Chappell, who played Olivia Spencer-one of my favorite characters on the soap opera. Since the show ended, she has worked on two of the remaining daytime serials as well as created her own production company. Her web soap (created, produced, starred) Venice the Series has won two daytime Emmy’s for online content/short story format and (among many other projects) has most recently finished a soon to be released movie about early onset Alzheimer’s.
As you can see, my twitter friends and I have had a lot to talk about over the past six years where her career is concerned. Yet compared  to everything else we talk to one another about, her career is miniscule. For me, Twitter is a guilty pleasure. Nearly every morning I’m wished a happy day or sent a joke or just reminded that life is worth living. I love Twitter the friends I’ve made and the long, never-ending conversations which occur there. So when an opportunity arises to meet a Twitter friend, I do my best to make it happen.

The first person from Twitter I met in person was Lauren, who lives in Tennessee. At the time, she lived an hour south from where my mother-in-law used to live. When my mother-in-law decided to move back, we decided to meet, fearing we would never find another opportunity to do so. As the adventure goes, the kids, Lauren and I took a beautiful day trip over to a picturesque water fall and then treated the kids to ice cream before saying goodbye and heading back. As the result from that one meeting, my family has twice gotten their “Tennessee fix”, staying with her over a couple long weekend’s(Meyer Mountain Lodge).

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many others from around the world either while on vacation with my family or like last year when I attended the soap opera convention in Los Angeles. Each time I meet someone “new” I’m reminded how the world isn’t as horrible as some would have you believe. In addition we have more similarities, likes and dislikes than we have differences. 

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to have lunch with Jessika, on vacation from Sweden and Kim-her friend and fellow tweeter from northern Michigan. I in turn brought my friend Cathie  (she attended the soap convention with me last year), and together the four of us had a delightful afternoon of laughter, sharing stories about the convention meet up last year, our kids and getting to know the person behind the “tweets” a little better.  

As we drove home Cathie looked at me and said “Thank you for inviting me, what sweet women they were”. I couldn’t agree more and wonder which Twitter friend I’ll run into next. I can hardly wait to find out.



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