having back-up…


Yesterday I came to a few conclusions, chief among them was the realization that the kids are old enough now to see their doctor separately; regardless the convenience factor for me. Evidently having a second opinion coming from your brother or sister is unwanted information  dissemination. Go figure. Yet somehow we bungled through the individual appointments–one at a time, despite their snide comments, unwelcome responses and general disregard for one another.

The first new thing learned? My husband has shrunk! The boy, according to his doctor, has only grown an inch over the last year. Considering that he is now two inches taller than his 6’2″ father, could only mean one thing… “I don’t think they measured him correctly” my husband rebuked when he heard the news. Regardless, according to the boy’s official medical records, he is listed as only being 6’1″ tall.

The second new thing? I was right! Okay, there’s nothing new there, however, considering how often the boy argues with me about every little thing concerning his health and well-being, it certainly was nice having a professional back me up and echo many of the ideas I’ve been sharing with him. “Your two years from college, you could take a cooking class because you’re going to have to learn how to feed yourself sooner rather than later” his doctor advised. “I don’t blame the parents or grandmother, I blame the food industry. You need to avoid all the foods found in the middle of the store and really think about what you’re putting in your body. Try your best to avoid high fructose corn syrup, too, that is contributing to the high numbers of diabetes in kids we’ve been seeing. Plus if you got a little exercise…get outside more, go for walks…” she added. I tried my best not to gloat as she mentioned every point I’ve been imploring him with over the last few months, only smiling and nodding while she spoke. Yet last night when we invited him to walk along with us last night, he politely declined. “Promise me you’ll take a walk tomorrow?” his father implored”. “I promise”, he said before we walked out, but time will tell.

The third thing? Well, when you reason with the boy, he’ll agree with me. For example, he complained of having back pain issues. After she checked him out she offered that with more exercise and stretching, perhaps even taking a yoga class, some of the back pain could dissipate. Then he added “Oh and my neck hurts too”. “Do you think that maybe some of that neck pain could be attributed to your constant looking down at your devices?” I asked. Taking a moment to think, he looked at the doctor and said, “I rescind my neck pain comment”.


Overall the appointment went very well for both of us. He learned that his parents really do care about him and all his mother’s nagging has his doctor’s stamp and seal of approval. This does not mean he’ll be easy to persuade to eat better or not be offended by his mother’s suggestions. But this will give me more credibility via the doctor’s back-up while encouraging him to get off the couch/bed, put down the device and try to live a healthier lifestyle with us.

At least I hope so…



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