neurocardiogenic syncope…?


Off and on over the last year, the doll has experienced dizzy and fainting spells, which I attributed to being a teenager and standing up too quickly, allowing all the blood to rush to her head. She adamantly argued to me this wasn’t the case. “Mom, I don’t just jump up and go, I actually take my time and center myself when I stand from a seated position”. “Sure you do…” I’d reply. However, having actually wrapped my arms around her while she fainted one day, I began to wonder if there wasn’t something more going on.

In early March, we took her to be examined and after a series of expensive blood tests, they determined her iron count was low, which could attribute to her dizzy spells. So the quick fix was to put her on iron pills for the next six weeks and see how she faired. Thankfully the iron supplement seemed to help and she went back to being a regular teenager with regular teenage problems. The other day, when we arrived for her doctor’s appointment the nurse inquired if we had any particular concerns we wanted to discuss. “Yes, her insomnia”. I looked over at the doll while I said this and she concurred. When asked if anything else, we both drew a blank.

“A few things right off the bat, how is your daughter’s appetite? Apparently, in the last year, while growing an additional inch, she has lost eleven pounds” The doctor explained. “I attributed this more to being a teenager and losing her baby fat” I replied. “I eat really well, healthy even,” The doll quickly joined in. “Well just make sure you’re eating a well-balanced meal.” Her doctor informed before talking about her insomnia issues. As the appointment began to draw to a close, the doll looked over at me and whispered, “Did you tell her about my fainting?” Looking back at her I said, “No, I thought we already solved this issue back in March”. “Geez mom, way to know your daughter!” She shot back at me before garnering the doctor’s attention, “Um, I also have an issue with fainting…?

“What do you mean?” Her doctor asked her to elaborate. “Sometimes I’ll get up from a seated position and all of a sudden the world goes black and I find myself on the floor. Other times I can catch myself until it passes–you know leaning against something.” “Does this always happen from a seated position?” Her doctor wondered. “Mostly, but here have been other times.” “We’ll have the nurse take her blood pressure from a seated, lying down and standing position to see if something is going on with her nervous system, delaying the release of blood to her brain. But first, let’s put her back on the iron pills and see if that helps. If not, you’ll need to contact a pediatric cardiologist who will put her through additional tests, before deciding what medication she should use”.

I don’t know about you, but when she mentioned “cardiologist” I kind of lost what else she said. “Is this common?” I asked concerned. “Well, we find this occurs mostly with teenage girls, although, boys are not excluded. Usually for some reason the nervous system is off a pulse and a cardiologist can recommend medication to regulate that pulse. We sometimes even find this when girls brush their hair…” “Oh yeah, that’s happened with me” The doll interrupted. “Yes, there is something with the motion though we don’t know what”. “But this is pretty normal with teenage girls,” I said, trying to get my head wrapped around this again. “Yes, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. First, let’s try the iron and see if that helps. In addition, she needs to drink 32-64 ounces of water a day and put plenty of salt on her food. This will help keep the water present in the body, which should help the nervous system get back on track. If these tricks don’t work, then you can think about calling the cardiologist”.

“Cardiologist?” I said after the nurse took the doll’s sitting, lying and standing blood pressure measurements. “No, these aren’t too bad. Just have her work on what we discussed. Eat well, salt and water” The doctor reinforced, making me feel better when we left until she fainted last night. “Mom I think we really need to pay attention to this now…” She said a short time later. “You think?”

Today she’s already had at least 32 ounces of water. Hopefully the iron kicks in soon too.




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